Welcome to the ACC Louisville, Love UVA

Well, I had heard about the dirty birds from Louisville but I didn’t really want to believe it. They were bringing a college basketball national championship contender to the best conference in college basketball so we should welcome them with open arms, right? Not so fast my friends. This bunch has already made a name for themselves in the ACC. The Cardinals were a favorite heading into Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend and I guess they assumed they could walk into Scott Stadium and walk out with an easy W. If you want to know anything about UVA football make sure to listen to Colin Cowherd’s classic rant:

That said, UVA had beaten UNC for like 24 consecutive years in Charlottesville so it is not like walking into BB&T Stadium (Wake Forest) and getting an easy win. The cocky birds from Louisville did not get their way in the first half as they were trailing 10-7 when UVA threw a prayer into the end zone as the half ended. The prayer was not answered and the teams started to go to their respective locker rooms. Once again, not so fast my friends.

A back up linebacker from Louisville sprinted into the end zone and started pushing UVA players. I shit you not. A back up linebacker. He wasn’t even in the game for the play. What the hell was he doing sprinting into the end zone trying to start a fight? This is the same UVA team and program that Cowherd called brie cheese eating, ascot wearing, Zima drinking pansies. It is not like you are in Blackburg and the fans have been on you the entire first half. There was a “mini brawl” in the end zone and punches were thrown. One would imagine there will be a few suspensions handed out.

Bobby Petrino is a joke. If you don’t think so, just look at this photo.


I am not trying to poke fun of a man that is injured. I am trying to say that this individual makes horrible decisions. He is also the same man that will be attempting to lead a bunch of 18-22 year olds. I am not a saint by any means but I sure as hell know that I don’t cheat on my wife and then try to demand respect from younger men.

I am glad to see UVA is now opening a can of whoop ass on the Cardinals. All I can say is, welcome to the ACC Cardinals. Just wait until you play Florida State the day before Halloween. The entire conference will be hoping that Jameis Winston and the Seminoles bring out your true colors.

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