US Olympic Team Social Media Statistical Comparison

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are underway and the US Olympic Team (Team USA) is fully utilizing social media to provide real time event results. Comparing the announcement of American Sage Kotsenburg’s gold medal performance in the first ever men’s snowboard slopestyle competition across different social platforms will provide insight as to where the audience and engagement resides:

Facebook: 46,328 likes, 5,179 comments.
Instagram: 14,700 likes, 20 comments.
Twitter: 2,852 re-tweets, 3,419 favorites, 5 replies.
Google+: 388 “+1’s”, 37 re-shares, 30 comments.

In this case, Facebook has far and away the largest audience and the most comments. One way of measuring engagement is the comments-to-likes rate and Facebook’s is 11.2%. Only Google+ remotely approaches this rate at 7.7%. However, the meager “+1” and “re-share” volume for Google+ puts it at the bottom of the social media ladder in terms of Olympic audience and engagement.

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