UNC vs NC State 2014 Live Blog

3:38 – A final in Chapel Hill. NC State 35, UNC 7 – NC State total yards 454, rushing 388. UNC 207 total yards, 30 rushing. I am still a firm believer that running the ball and stopping the run wins football games.

3:35 – Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech win on an interception in overtime. The game versus FSU next week will be a fun one to watch. I have always liked Paul Johnson as a coach.

3:33 – UNC gets on the scoreboard with another bubble screen. They should have been running those the whole game. It is now 35-7 NC State with 1:48 to go in the game.

3:32 – State is just the more physical team; no argument to be made. Let’s see if they can keep the shutout here with UNC inside the 20 and driving.

3:31 – UNC doing their best to not get shutout here. Several bubble screens to Bug Howard. They are inside the 35 and threatening.

3:27 – I don’t know about the rest of the season, but the games I have seen, NC State is a well coached team. I like what Dave Doeren does during the game. He is well aware of situation and time. That is something many coaches cannot say.

3:23 – I was wrong, Georgia Tech hits a 53 yard FG to send the game to overtime. NC State is just running it town the throat of the Tar Heels.

3:20 – UNC tries to return the favor with a kick catch interference. This is going to be an interesting end to this game that was dominated by the red and white from State.

3:17 – Georgia scores a touchdown with 18 seconds left to likely beat Georgia Tech 24-21. What a game!

3:14 – A kick catch interference by NC State on Ryan Switzer. It looks like he had the wind knocked out of him. I honestly do not think the NC State player was intentionally trying to hurt Switzer.

3:10 – Another interception by NC State. This time it is Mitch Trubisky that throws it. Can NC State get the shutout?

3:04 – Touchdown NC State. Another TD reception by Tyler Purvis from Jacoby Brissett. The score is now 35-0 NC State. You can bet Doeren wants this to be a shutout.

3:01 – Georgia Tech just took the lead over Georgia and recovered a pooch kick. Paul Johnson may get a huge win here before the ACC Championship Game versus Florida State next week.

2:58 – As “Turn Down for What” blares on the loud speakers UNC gets a stop on third down inside the 10. NC State will attempt a field goal. Field Goal good but there is a roughing the kicker and State will have it first and goal. Salt on the wounds.

2:52 – Through three quarters of domination: NC State 410 total yards, 347 rushing. UNC 124 total yards, 21 rushing. Marquise Williams will likely not return.

2:47 – UNC has officially given up. NC State has punched them in the mouth over and over. The knockout punch took place on the last drive. Now they are running right through the Tar Heel defense.

2:45 – It does not look like Marquise Williams will be back. Kenan Memorial Stadium is now almost all red. Check out my Vine:

2:43 – Another Wolfpack TD. This time it is Purvis from Brissett. 28-0 NC State. Total yards 355-129. State is outrushing UNC 311-26. Total domination.

2:40 – My Bojangles lunch is over and the score has not changed. State is still up 21-0 with six minutes to go in the third quarter. State is inside the 20 and looking to make this a 28-0 game. Marquise Williams is in the locker room getting checked out.

1:56 – The Wolfpack will head into the locker room with a 21-0 lead. It is a 60 minute game folks. I’ve seen bigger leads disappear. The first drive of the second half will be extremely important. Time for me to go get some Bojangles for lunch!

1:52 – UNC now driving in a drive that should have never happened. If they get points here it would be huge for the momentum. State has dominated the first half and UNC can get it back to a 14 point game. Just when I say that Justin Burris intercepts a pass from Marquise Williams. One of the most dominating halves I’ve seen in this “not rivalry”.

1:49 – State continues to give UNC life with penalties. A facemask penalty here. State up 21-0 with 2:32 left in the first half.

1:48 – GREAT timeout there by Dave Doeren. UNC sniffed out the blitz and this is a huge 3rd down. Let’s see what the coaching adjustment is here.

1:46 – On the very next play Marquise Williams throws up a duck and #2 Josh Jones of NC State drops what is basically a punt interception. Marquise Williams is getting beat up. Badly.

1:45 – NC State completely dominated UNC on that drive. Now UNC has 4 rushing hards. NC State goes after the punt and is called for roughing the kicker. This may change the momentum here. We will see. Honestly, I see nothing wrong with going after that punt. It was very close to being blocked.

1:44 – UNC starts the drive at the 20. First down was stuff. NC State is winning the rushing yard battle 227-24.

1:40 – Just when I say that UNC needs a big defensive play Brissett goes 60 yards to put the ball inside the UNC 5. On the very next play Thorton scores on a 5 yard run. NC State now up 21-0.

1:37 – Very big 3rd and 2 with 5:20 remaining in the half. The UNC defense needs a stop here as NC State has controlled the ball the entire first half.

1:32 – Rodman Noel has a huge series for the Wolfpack as he levels Marquise Williams on 2nd down and sacks him on third down. UNC will punt to a Wolfpack team that is already up 14-0. The Pack take over around the 30 yard line.

1:30 – UNC gets out of the hole with a pass to Ryan Switzer that goes for a first down. That was a huge 3rd down conversion for the Tar Heels. BJ Hill #98 for the Wolfpack is a good looking freshman.

1:28 – Huge play for UNC as Switzer catches a crossing pattern and goes 20 yards. It is coming back for holding. That hurts. First down and a taxi ride. I’ve never heard that one.

1:24 – The Ickey Woods “Ickey Shuffle” commercial is gold. Anyone that watched the Bengals in the 1990s will know why it is so funny. Also, Michigan is currently beating tOSU 14-7 at the end of the first half. Please let UMICH win this game. That would be hilarious. Georgia and Georgia Tech now tied at 7.

1:23 – State goes play action pass and David Grinnage is wide open in the back of the end zone. Score NC State 14, UNC 0. Still a long way to go though folks.

1:21 – The UNC defense stiffens and forces a 3rd and goal from the 2 yard line. This is a HUGE play in this game.

1:19 – A fade pattern for Bo Hines. Tim Scott never looks back and runs right into Hines. If Scott turns his head around there would have been no call. Pass interference called and State gets the ball on the 2 yards line. They will likely run right at the UNC dline here. For those wondering, Ron Cherry is the referee for this game. You must was the “Giving Him the Business” call when State played Maryland years ago:

1:18 – Having a quarterback that can escape pressure has saved both teams several times today. Brissett escapes a sack that would have caused a seven yard loss and he gains two yards.

1:16 – Thorton runs for 58 yards on an obvious run play. If State can continue to run the ball it is going to be a long day in Chapel Hill for UNC fans. State now inside the 20.

1:12 – Huge third down stop for the Wolfpack there. The State defensive line gets another sack. UNC will attempt a field goal. Field goal is no good; hooked to the left. That looks like a bad golf shot. NC State 7, UNC 0. 1:11 – State blitzes and Marquise Williams beats the blitz with a 24 yard pass to Bug Howard. UNC threatening here.

1:07 – At the end of the first quarter it is NC State 7, UNC 0.

1:05 – A sign of a poorly coached team. UNC was lined up to take a snap when the clock was at zero. How can your quarterback not be aware of the time? This is football 101.

1:05 – Marquise Williams runs for 12 yards on first down. This is UNC’s best offense so far. Romar Morris catches a swing pass and goes for another first down.

1:02 – Wow, Brissett was in the grasp of two UNC defenders and completes a pass to Bo Hines. He saved about 10 or 15 yards on that play. Big 3rd down here. UNC blitzes and ends up getting to Brissett. The Pack will punt deep into UNC territory. UNC takes over at the 14 yard line.

1:01 – Brissett makes ANOTHER UNC defender look silly. #10 for UNC jumps with the Brissett pump fake which allows Brissett to go around him and get 10 yards for the first down. 12:59 – #28 Samuels for NC State has very “interesting” speed. It doesn’t look like he is running that fast but he pulls away from defenders. I haven’t seen a player like this at State in years. Let’s see how his career in Raleigh goes. He is a freshman from Mallard Creek.

12:58 – A much better 1st down play on this drive as Thornton runs for about 4 or 5 yards. Let’s see if that helps this drive get going.

12:57 – The NC State defense holds UNC to a three and out. Max Hollins complains about pass interference but there was a no call. I honestly don’t think it was PI either. The Tar Heels punt and the Wolfpack will start their third drive at the 10 yard line.

12:55 – Surprisingly, the NC State defensive line is really playing well against the UNC rushing game right now. If they can keep this up the game will remain close into the 4th quarter.

12:51 – Great punt by Wil Baumann. I have no idea why Ryan Switzer tried to catch the ball on the bounce but UNC maintains possession around midfield.

12:50 – The UNC defense looks much better on State’s second drive. They have forced a long 3rd down and hold. The ball was batted down by a defensive lineman.

12:48 – It don’t get no better than this. You can’t do it better than a Bojangles tailgate! I think they may have been able to get a better spokesman, but I could be wrong.

12:45 – The NC State defensive line is playing well early. The Wolfpack gets pressure on UNC rushing only four and causing a 4th down. UNC to punt. State gets the ball at the 15 yard line. Still NC State 7, UNC 0.

12:44 – UNC goes deep to Switzer but it is overthrown by Williams. That could have bee a touchdown for UNC.

12:42 – UNC starts with a designed run for Marquise Williams and he picks up 11. They are approaching midfield already. Looks to be a high scoring game early on.

12:38 – I found this golden nugget from the UNC Twitter account. Notice how “packed” the UNC Student section is:

12:37 – Jacoby Brissett goes 17 yards for the touchdown on the opening drive of the game. The NC State fight song is ringing in Chapel Hill. It was a great opening drive for the Wolfpack. Wolfpack 7, Tar Heels 0.

12:35 – For anyone wondering, you can buy the UNC chrome helmets for just $1195. What a steal. Can you sign me up for two?

12:34 – Big #86 for State should have come up with a long pass on 2nd down there. Big 3rd down early here – Brissett makes several UNC defenders look silly and picks up the first down.

12:32 – Hell, lots of empty seats everywhere; what was I thinking that UNC fans would actually show up?

12:31 – Not a surprise; lots of empty seats in the student section. LOTS of empty seats. Diehard fans.

12:27 – UNC wearing the chrome Carolina blue helmets, NC State with red helmets with the block S. I must say that the UNC helmets look better than the State helmets. Red and blue do not look good together. Wow.

12:25 – Mark Thomas pushing the Crossroads Ford Black Friday deals that is extended through Monday. Mark is a great guy. I will likely tee it up with him at Hasentree in the near future. The guy can crush the ball and is a solid 5 handicap.

12:23 – The Dad Gum feature by Tommy Bowden is why ACC Football will always be ACC Football. Horrible.

12:19 – Here we go, just a few minutes before kickoff and I am already seeing UNC fans painted up with “not our rival”. That’s weird since you are painted up and the game is on rivalry Saturday.

12:17 – Tommy Bowden says Paul Johnson is the ACC Coach of the Year. Yes, the same coach I said NC State should go after when Amato was fired. Instead, they hired TOB and the rest is history. Paul Johnson has been to multiple ACC Championships and Georgia Tech continues to score tons of points.

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