UNC vs Iowa 2014 Live Blog

9:33 – Iowa walks out of Chapel Hill with a 60-55 win.

9:31 – Looks like Iowa is going to win this one but they call a timeout with less than two seconds left. I have no idea why they would do that.

9:28 – Marcus Paige called for an offensive foul. Iowa with the ball with under one minute to go. Up 3.

9:27 – Gissell drives the lane, hits the layup and gets fouled. This could put Iowa up 3 with 1:16 to go. And it does.

9:25 – Kennedy Meeks fouls out with 15 points. With less than two minutes to go Iowa has two free throws with a chance to take the lead. Tar Heels lead 55-54 right now. Time to shout out the sponsor, a former UNC School of Dentistry student, Dr. Jason Gladwell, the elite Raleigh orthodontist.

9:24 – Coming down to the wire and Iowa is up 54-53. UNC gets the ball back with 2:25 to go in the game.

9:18 – We are tied at 51 heading into the under 4 timeout. This is going to be a fun finish.

9:07 at the under eight timeout the Tar Heels are up 47-45. Both teams are struggling to score. Joel Berry II looks to have confidence problem on the court; who would have ever guessed that?

9:02 – Iowa has had multiple wide open shots and they cannot get one to go. They are at the free throw line with an attempt to take the lid off the basket. They finally score and cut it to 42-45. Iowa is now 3-20 in the second half.

9:00 – I think it has been about 15 minutes since Iowa has scored. Not game time, but real time.

8:54 – UNC has tried many Alley op type plays but none of them have worked out. Iowa has gone ice cold. I think UNC runs away with this one now. They are up 43-40. That doesn’t change my mind about Roy Williams.

8:50 – Year in and year out, I have said that Roy Williams teams are not that good. After Tyler Hansborough, what team has lived up to their potential? They are now now down 38-34 in the second half.

8:49 – They are promoting the Wisconsin vs Duke game hard. It will be interesting to see how that one turns out. There should be some great defense in that game.

8:46 – Iowa has four white guys on the court right now. I wonder if Rick Pitino can throw in an Egyptian?

8:43 – UNC comes out hot in the second half as they tie it up at 34.

8:21 – At the half the Hawkeyes lead the Tar Heels 31-29. Low scoring half.

8:18 – Both teams having trouble scoring to end the half. No points scored in about four minutes of game time. Iowa breaks the drought to go up 31-25 with less than a minute to go in the half.

8:12 – The video of Franklin Street is about EIGHT years old. Come on ESPN. Do better.

8:11 – The under 4 minute timeout and it is 29-25. Marcus Paige has missed some wide open 3’s tonight. Any irony in that “Brokeback Mountain” is at The Varsity in the old video of Franklin.

8:09 – Dick Vitale jinxes Marcus Paige by saying he was the best free throw shooter in the history of UNC basketball. Of course he is going to clank that one off the iron. The score remains 27-25.

8:07 – UNC goes on a mini run to cut it to 27-25 after being down as much as eight. Tokoto and Meeks are playing well.

8:03 – The UNC academic scandal comes up as JP Tokoto lays one in and gets fouled. Hmmm, ironic?

8:00 – The Dean Dome is very quite as the Tar Heels are down eight. Dick Vitale mentions the Sam Cassell comment. He is the exact Cassell quote, ““It is not a Duke kind of crowd. It’s more like a cheese-and-wine crowd, kind of laid back.”

7:53 – UNC rebounding the ball much better but can’t get it in the hoop. The Hawkeyes still lead 20-16 with exactly 10 minutes to go.

7:48 – At the under 12 timeout it is Iowa up 18-14. I still think Marcus Paige is trying too hard. He has a few rushed shots and a turnover from driving in the paint and having nowhere to go with the ball.

7:45 – Dick Vitale states the crowd is quiet in the Dean Dome. No way. You are joking, right? Sense the sarcasm please.

7:42 – Marcus Paige is shooting A LOT more this year. This is not a Marcus Paige that we saw in his first two years. I wonder if he is shooting too much. Score is now 9-9 under 15 minutes.

7:39 – At the under 16 timeout Iowa leads 9-7. A pretty good game early on.

7:38 – I assume JP Tokoto is going for the flattop look. And he still can’t shoot. Nothing new here.

7:34 – Rebounding and transition defense a concern for UNC early. Iowa up 7-3 early on. We are live from Chapel Hill. If you are looking to move into a Chapel Hill Neighborhood remember to use Team Jodi.

7:32 – Dick Vitale and John Saunders calling this one. Here we go.

7:30 – Ok, tonight is the “green shirt” night. I forgot my friend that runs the student seating mentioning that. We were both baffled that they wanted to do a green night. It just doesn’t make sense. Oh well. Another plug to a sponsor, Pensacola, FL orthodontist Clay Sims.

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