The Social Media Brilliance of ESPN’s “My Home Court”

This week, some of the ESPN writers are writing about their favorite college basketball arenas. They will take the reader inside these venues by sharing photographs, describing the game day atmospheres and sharing their best memories.

Better yet, ESPN has asked its audience to get involved by sharing photographs of their favorite arenas on Twitter by using the hashtag, #MyHomeCourt. This social media campaign is brilliant on several levels.

First of all, it’s communal. Fans come together to support their team and display their school pride.

Second, it’s visual. The shared photographs evoke real emotion and memories.

Third, it’s interactive. Fans are sharing and communicating with ESPN as well as other fans from teams across the country. People are connecting, having fun, and establishing relationships around the common interest of college basketball.

This afternoon, #MyHomeCourt was trending on Twitter and the photographs displayed in the stream were amazing. If you are a college basketball fan, #MyHomeCourt is a must follow this week. You won’t be disappointed.

Even better, join the crowd and share your best photos and memories of your favorite arena!NCAA Men's Basketball 2009-10Kentucky UK vs LouisvilleUK wins 71-62

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