Super Bowl Social Media Comparison

Social media was hyperactive during yesterday’s Super Bowl. Users from all over the world took to social media to cheer on their favorite team, comment on the halftime entertainment and rank their favorite commercials.

Now that the game has been over for nearly 24 hours, I wanted to compare social media statistics for the same post that was made across three social platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Soon after the game ended, the Seattle Seahawks organization made the following post: “Seahawks are bringing their first Lombardi Trophy home to Seattle”. The results are as follows:

Facebook: 124,230 likes, 40,634 comments.
Twitter: 8,576 re-tweets, 5,404 favorites, 10 replies.
Google+: 989 “+1’s”, 235 re-shares, 295 comments.

While many consider Twitter as the go-to social media platform for sports and entertainment, and tweets were flying yesterday, Facebook had huge engagement regarding the Seattle Seahawks’ “Lombardi Trophy” post. Yes, Facebook’s user base and market share is eroding, but it is certainly not dead. Facebook still has the largest subscriber base and dwarfs the competition, as evidenced by the data illustrated above.

As for Google+, this social platform has a very long ways to go, especially in regards to sports engagement.

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