Oregon vs FSU 2015 CFB Playoff Live Blog

8:01 – One of the craziest plays I have ever seen. Winston scrambles around, cocks to throw the ball, loses it and Oregon walks it into the end zone to go up 45-20. I think it is safe to say that Oregon will be in the championship game. Have a great night and enjoy the Ohio State vs Alabama game.

7:49 – The Ducks score another long touchdown on a pass that puts them up 39-20. It is going to take a minor miracle for the Seminoles to come back from this one. The defense is just too tired for FSU.

7:48 – Dalvin Cook fumbles for the second time in the second half. That was a back breaker. They had a first down and were driving. If Oregon scores here it is going to be a tough battle.

7:41 – Oregon strikes back with a long touchdown pass. It took 1:21. The score is now 32-20 Oregon.

7:40 – I like how an option QB from Nebraska calls plays for the uptempo Oregon offense.

7:34 – Wow. What a catch and extension by Rudolph for the Seminoles. That brings FSU back to within one score. That makes the score 25-20 Oregon.

7:31 – A very long 3rd down here for the Seminoles. Their defense is struggling so they need to get something going here. Wow! Huge catch by Wilson for the first down.

7:24 – The Ducks have it first and goal. Freeman runs into the end zone and go up 25-13. There was a play on that drive in which three Ducks WRs were moving when the ball was snapped. I didn’t realize this was the XFL.

7:20 – The Oregon defender just takes the ball away from Delvin Cook. That is a huge turnover as the Seminoles were moving the ball. I saw it coming the whole time.

7:18 – FSU gets the ball to start the second half. Let’s see if they run the ball here.

6:50 – This will be a long field goal attempt here. Aguayo will tee it up from 55 yards. He hits if off the goal post. That was a damn good effort. The score is 18-13 heading into the half.

6:48 – Well, that is a turn of events. The Noles intercept Mariota and they have it around midfield. Winston could get a few completions and Aguayo could hit a long field goal.

6:45 – The Ducks have 36 seconds to make some noise. They start with a draw and get about four yards.

6:43 – The Seminoles get in the endzone with a Karlos Williams touchdown. They are running downhill against Oregon. This is going to be a very fun 2nd half to watch. The score is 18-13 Oregon Ducks with 36 seconds left in the first half. The Noles will get it to start the second half.

6:40 – Two quick Karlos Williams catches and the Noles are already past midfield.

6:35 – Oregon scores a touchdown which makes it 18-6 Ducks. The Noles have been here before. It will be interesting to see how Jameis responds. They have been able to move the ball on Oregon.

6:34 – The Ducks have it inside the 10 after a few questionable “non calls”. There sure looked like a few holding calls to me.

6:31 – A rare offensive pass interference call is about a 40 yard penalty there. The Noles need to play some stiff defense here before halftime.

6:25 – O’Leary falls down in the end zone and no flags are thrown. That is, far and away, a hold, PI or something. Dear Lord. The Noles will try a FG here. The score is now 11-6 Oregon. The Seminoles have moved the ball, just haven’t been able to get in the end zone.

6:21 – Wilson makes a great catch on a slant pattern to give the Noles a 1st and goal. Great play by Winston.

6:18 – Delvin Cook is looking great in this game. He has to be getting close to 70 yards rushing by now. The Noles have a big advantage when running the ball.

6:10 – The Noles get a huge stop and the Ducks are forced for a FG attempt. The Ducks now lead 11-3 after Winston almost got into the end zone on the previous drive. Time for FSU to respond.

6:05 – Oregon easily moving the ball as the FSU defense is very tired. I will be shocked if the Noles can keep them out of the end zone here. Lots of huffing and puffing.

6:01 – The Ducks get out of their own end zone and get a first down. If the Ducks can get some momentum here it is not good for the Seminoles. Here comes the Ducks tempo after another first down.

5:58 – Mario Edwards in the game as the Noles go for it on 4th and 1. Winston dives and scores. They will definitely replay this one. The call is reversed as the Ducks get it on the one half yard line. Not sure about the option call there.

5:55 – The Ducks defense stops the Noles and Jimbo will have the break to decide if they want to go for it. The score is 8-3 Oregon at the end of the 1st quarter.

5:54 – HUGE offsides call on the Ducks that takes a TFL away. That could cost Oregon four points. An untimed 3rd and goal to go at the end of the 1st quarter.

5:52 – The Noles now running right at the Ducks. I would imagine they will try to run it two more times to get into the end zone at the end of the first quarter. It will be 3rd and goal from the 1. HUGE play here.

5:50 – The Noles are now in the red zone. A few good throws by Jameis and FSU is in business. Here comes that red zone defense Kirk was talking about earlier.

5:48 – The Seminoles have been able to run the ball in the 1st quarter. They should continue to push the Ducks around. The Noles are almost at midfield.

5:44 – Ducks go for a 4th down. The Seminoles string it out and Darby lays out the Oregon receiver. Great defense for FSU there. The Noles will take over on their 27. Here is Ronald Darby laying the wood:

5:38 – The Seminoles go three and out and the Ducks will get the ball back quickly. It was a dropped pass that would have been enough for a first down. The Ducks will start this drive at the 39 yard line of Florida State. Big drive here.

5:28 – The Ducks moving the ball on this drive. They already have the ball inside the FSU 20. Moving fast and the option almost gets them in the end zone. They have the ball inside the 1 now. What an amazing dive. Freeman dives over the pile to get on the board. The score is now 8-3 Oregon Ducks as they went for two. Risky play but they got it.

5:22 – The Seminoles have a long 3rd and 17 and throw a screen pass. FSU will attempt a FG here. Kirk thinks red zone defense will determine this game. Well, we are back at 3-0 Seminoles.

5:19 – The FSU offense gets a few good runs that result in the team getting into field goal range. The FG is good making it 3-0. Take that off the board. There was a 15 yard penalty by the Ducks. Winston has a chance to get a touchdown.

5:14 – The Ducks go three and out with the FSU defense looking good on that first drive. Here comes Jameis Winston.

5:12 – I absolutely love the green matte helmets. They look good. In fact, I love the all green Oregon uniforms. It must be nice to have Nike in your backyard.

5:08 – Not sure if this is considered the 2014 or 2015 College Football Playoff. I guess since it is January 1st, 2015 we will go with the 2015 CFB Playoff. If you don’t like it, too bad.

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