Ole Miss vs TCU 2014 Peach Bowl Live Blog

2:54 – With TCU up 42-0 I think it is safe to say that the Horned Frogs are going to win the ChickFilA Peach Bowl. This is a big loss for the SEC as Ole Miss didn’t even show up. This is the same Ole Miss team that beat both Alabama and Mississippi State. It will be interesting to see how Mississippi State plays against Georgia Tech later tonight. One thing is for certain, TCU is one of the best teams in the country; I still think they should have gotten into the college football playoff. Let’s see how Ohio State plays against Alabama tomorrow.

2:07 – Time to go to ChickFilA for lunch.

2:06 – And that is exactly what you cannot do. Bo Wallace takes a sack that ends the half when in field goal range. Wallace limps off and that sums up the entire game. The TCU Horned Frogs go into the locker room up 28-0. Ole Miss was completely dominated by TCU.

1:51 – After an Ole Miss pick, Bo Wallace almost gets sacked in the end zone. And there it is, Bo Wallace throws a pick in the end zone. A terrible, terrible decision by Bo there. That makes the score 28-0 TCU. A great effort by a TCU linebacker or defensive lineman there.

1:41 – Ole Miss gets a stop and will start their drive inside their own 10 yard line. Ole Miss really needs some points on this drive as they are still down 21-0.

1:39 – 2nd and 19 and two plays later they have a first down. Is this really an SEC defense getting shredded? This is the same team that beat Alabama, right?

1:36 – Ole Miss goes three and out. TCU is completely dominating this game. If TCU scores a touchdown here, the Peach Bowl will be a route.

1:27 – An easy touchdown pass for Boykin. They are rolling over Ole Miss. Just rolling them. That makes it 21-0 with 11:00 to go in the 2nd quarter. TCU is letting the college football selection committee know what they think about keeping them out of the college football playoff.

1:25 – TCU on a long and methodical drive. They have in with goal to go. A touchdown here would slam the door shut on Ole Miss early on. Heck, I think TCU would have more points than Ole Miss has yards if they score a touchdown here.

1:16 – 3rd and 9 and Bo Wallace is sacked. That will end the first quarter with TCU up 14-0. TCU has 118 yards to 11 for Ole Miss.

1:14 – Well, we have a turnover fest at the end of the 1st quarter. Ole Miss intercepts Ben Boykin on their own 30 yard line. That was a huge play to keep the Rebels in the game. Let’s see if Bo Wallace can get anything going here.

1:11 – A 52 yard field attempt for Ole Miss and it is just left. It had the distance. The Horned Frogs still lead 14-0.

1:07 – Well, TCU gives it right back to the Rebels. A lateral hits the ground and the Ole Miss defense gobbles it up. They are now in business on the TCU 35 yard line. That was a legit hook and ladder that went very wrong.

1:06 – Another pick by TCU. That is Bo Wallace’s second pick in the first quarter. Tim Tebow saw it coming the entire way. That was just a bad pass.

1:04 – The Ole Miss defense looks much better on this drive. A huge sack of Boykin and he almost fumbles. On 3rd down, Boykin fumbles the snap and then throws it away. That was an ugly drive. It might have been just what Ole Miss needed. They should get great field position here. They start the drive at their own 46.

1:02 – Ole Miss goes wildcat on 3rd and 2 and they are stuff. This TCU defense looks like the old TCU defense. Gary Patterson has coached his guys up. Wow.

1:00 – Tim Tebow says Bo Wallace knows how to bounce back. Let’s see what he does here. 14-0 Horned Frogs very early in this game.

12:57 – Shout out to ChickFilA here. I will be going there at halftime for lunch. Great restaurant. Go there now! And yesterday.

12:55 – I just realized Tim Tebow is in the booth with Joe Tess and Brock Huard. He is the one that called the touchdown on the first TCU drive. Speaking of which, TCU is in the end zone again with a 15 yard touchdown run by Green. The TCU offense looks great right now. The Ole Miss defense looks week. Wow.

12:53 – Play action pass and they go deep into the end zone. Boykin overthrows it and the Frogs are going for it on 4th down. The Field Goal Range line must be a joke. TCU gets the first down on a slant pattern.

12:49 – A 3rd and short with TCU driving. Ole Miss needs a stop here. I cannot imagine the Frogs will try to run the ball here, but we will see. A timeout is called by TCU. The “Field Goal Range” line says the 40 for TCU. There is no way. Their kicker can hit a 57 yarder?

12:48 – Swing pass gets 14 yards and another TCU first down. They are doing very well with swing and short passes. Boykin is throwing side armed passes at this point.

12:47 – Ole Miss forcing a big 3rd and 6. Boykin completes a 7 yard pass and the Horned Frogs have a first down. The pass was a little bit behind the wide receiver but he adjusted well.

12:42 – The TCU defense holds and is looking good early on. Bo Wallace tried to throw against his body and almost threw another pick. The Ole Miss defense needs a huge stop on the second TCU drive. The Horned Frogs will take over on their own 22 yard line.

12:40 – Let’s see how Bo Wallace responds to a bad start. He has been known to go downhill fast. He has 12 interceptions on the season. A big run right up the middle for 10 yards should settle the Ole Miss offense down.

12:36 – Double pass, touchdown. The announcer called it before it even happened. Great play call. 7-0 TCU early. That is the first score from Atlanta. Remember, if you want to open a pet franchise in Atlanta check out Splash and Dash for Dogs; it is a great opportunity.

12:35 – TCU has some of the best uniforms in college football. I absolutely love their colors.

12:34 – Chris Hackett picks off Bo Wallace and the Horned Frogs are in business here. Short field and plenty of momentum early. TCU has the ball on the Ole Miss 34 yard line.

12:32 – We are live from Atlanta with Ole Miss getting the ball first. It is weird to see this game during the day. For my entire life the Peach Bowl was the bowl game right before watching Dick Clark’s Rocking New Years Eve.

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