NFL Football and Twitter: An American Obsession

Like my friend, Jesse Wojdylo, likes to say, “Twitter owns the second screen when it comes to sports engagement.”

This statement was further cemented during yesterday’s NFL Championship Games. Consider this Twitter statistic tweeted by Darren Rovell:

Read it again: 174,656 tweets per minute. That is amazing social activity.

Even this morning, several topics from yesterday’s football games remain trending: “Talib”, “Richard Sherman”, “#SFvs#SEA#, and “Erin Adrews”. In addition, “Super Bowl” has already made the trending list.

When it comes to sports and social media in the United States, the undisputed champions are NFL Football and Twitter. The tweets per minute for the upcoming Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks is going to be insane.

How active will you be on Twitter during this year’s Super Bowl?

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