Mississippi State vs Georgia Tech 2014 Orange Bowl Live Blog

10:53 – Georgia Tech is rolling Mississippi State at this point. Another touchdown run by Justin Thomas. That puts the Yellow Jackets up 42-20. I think it is safe to say the SEC will take another bad loss on New Years Eve. Enjoy the night and be safe!

10:49 – After Georgia Tech runs it down the throat of Mississippi State to go up 35-20 their defense then causes a fumble by Dak Prescott. If the Yellow Jackets score here this game is over.

10:32 – 4th and 21 and Mississippi State is going for this. They get about 15 yards but not the first down. GT takes over up eight points. Now we will see Paul Johnson bleed the clock with the run game.

10:20 – Well, that was quick. Georgia Tech comes out of the locker room and scores on a 69 yard touchdown run. That puts the Jackets up 28-20. If they could have only knocked the ball down on that Hail Mary to end the first half.

9:50 – Mississippi State has a chance for a Hail Mary to end the half. As Jesse Palmer just says, “knock the ball down.” Let’s see how each team executes here. Touchdown Mississippi State. Unreal.

9:43 – Fantastic play call by Paul Johnson. They faked a sweep one way and the QB ran the opposite. Justin Thomas dives to the end zone and puts up Georgia Tech 21-13. There are only 29 seconds left in the first half so the Jackets will likely get the ball up eight to begin the 2nd half. Great coaching.

9:41 – Stopping GT on third and short is nearly impossible. They are now inside the red zone. If the Yellow Jackets can bleed the clock and score a touchdown here it will be huge. That would put them up 21-13 and getting the ball to start the second half.

9:39 – A big 3rd and long here for Georgia Tech. It will be interesting to see what Paul Johnson decides to do here. GT has looked terrible in situations in which they must throw. Well, that time Justin Thomas throws a strike and the Yellow Jackets get the first down.

9:31 – The momentum has definitely shifted in favor of the Bulldogs. They get the ball all the way to the red zone but sputter. A field goal attempt here to move this to a one point game. It is now 14-13 Georgia Tech as the Bulldogs have scored the last 13 points.

9:25 – When Georgia Tech has to throw the ball they look awful. Thomas tries to throw it away and ends up throwing up a duck that ends up being an interception. Get GT third and long and you are going to cause them all kinds of problems.

9:17 – Prescott carries it in the end zone for a touchdown to close the gap to 14-10. We have a ballgame folks.

9:11 – Mississippi State with a huge stop of 3rd and 6 around mid field. They will get the ball back with a chance to make it a one score game. This is important because when Georgia Tech has the ball up two scores they tend to bleed the clock and not give it back quickly.

9:10 – Brent says Mississippi State with a possible hangover and it is not even New Years morning. He has so many bad sayings during these games.

9:06 – Mississippi State gets on the board with a field goal. The Yellow Jackets now lead 14-3 with just under 13 minutes to go in the first half.

8:56 – Georgia Tech goes deep with a pass and connects this time for a touchdown. That puts Georgia Tech up 14-0 and this is eerily similar to the TCU vs Ole Miss game. Maybe the SEC West teams were not as good as we thought? Or, are the Mississippi teams just not as good as we thought?

8:40 – Mississippi State stops the Yellow Jackets after Georgia Tech went deep on 2nd down. The Bulldogs will get the ball back down 7-0. That was a big stop.

8:35 – Mississippi State goes for it on 4th down and doesn’t get it. Georgia Tech will take over in their own territory around the 35 yard line. This is a big drive for the Bulldogs.

8:31 – Mississippi State gets a much needed first down with a good Dak Prescott pass. The Bulldogs are called for holding which is going to make this drive difficult.

8:24 – Georgia Tech is running it down Mississippi State’s throat. They are now 1st and goal inside the 5. They get in the end zone without being challenged. Georgia Tech is up 7-0 less than three minutes into the game.

8:22 – Georgia Tech picks off Dak Prescott early. They have the ball on the Mississippi State 36. If they can get a touchdown here that would be huge.

8:19 – Georgia Tech wins the coin toss and they defer. Prescott and Mississippi State will get the ball first. Brent calls out the SEC. This will be an interesting development throughout the game.

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8:13 – Georgia Tech in navy blue jerseys. They look good in that color. Mississippi State is in all white with maroon helmets. Plenty of cowbells in the stands for this game. Mississippi State RB announced he will be going to the NFL on Instagram. I bet he has a terrible game tonight. We will see.

8:11 – Wow, the Orange Bowl is empty. Completely empty. This is almost disgusting. I saw that Stubhub is offering tickets for $4 to this game. Attendance at the college football bowl games is lacking.

8:10 – After an exciting ending to the Fiesta Bowl we are ready to roll at the Orange Bowl. We get Brent Musberger and Jesse Palmer calling this game. Hopefully this one is closer than the Peach Bowl earlier today.

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