Manchester United to host Google+ Hangout on Air at Old Trafford

During their upcoming match against Liverpool on March 16, 2014, Manchester United will team up with Google+ to broadcast a live Hangout. What makes this particular event so unique is that fans all over the world will participate as if they are at Old Trafford with the 75,000+ actually in attendance.

This initiative, known as “Front Row”, will give the selected fans the opportunity to cheer for Manchester United during the game while the Hangout is broadcast on the stadium’s high-tech “pitchside digital hoardings”. For a sneak peek of the “Front Row” experience, watch the promotion below:

This is a revolutionary attempt to incorporate social media with a sporting event. Unlike other social platforms, Google+ Hangouts offer unrivaled social interaction via its multi-person interactive video conferencing technology. Some argue that Twitter owns the “second screen”, however, if Manchester United’s “Front Row” campaign is successful, Google+ will own the “pitch”.

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