LSU vs Auburn 2018 Live Game Thread

I will update with the eastern standard time (est) time stamps:

7:10 – A 42 yard field goal for the win. LSU wins 22-21. What a great game to watch.

7:07 – LSU will have a chance to kick a FG to win this game. What a 4th quarter by the LSU Tigers. I hate leaving this up to the kicker though. Maybe a play action pass into the end zone? That would be very risky.

7:05 – Another slant pattern that coverts for a first down for LSU. Burrow has really thrown the ball well in the 4th quarter.

7:02 – The LSU receivers are coming up big here in the 4th quarter. Another 15 or 20 yards and LSU is in FG range.

6:57 – Huge three and out for the LSU defense. It was aided by a penalty on Auburn but LSU will get the ball back, down 2 with around 5 minutes to play.

6:51 – Justin Jefferson gets crushed in the back of the end zone and cannot hold on to the ball for the 2 point conversion. That leaves it at 21-19 Auburn.

6:47 – LSU gets the ball back down 8 with around eight minutes to go. And just like that, a 71 yard touchdown pass. They will go for 2 in an attempt to tie the game here.

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6:36 – LSU goes three and out but punts it inside the Auburn 10. A three and out forced by LSU would be enormous here.

6:30 – The snap is low, the Auburn kicker rips it left and misses the field goal. The score remains 21-13 Auburn.

6:29 – Rashard Lawrence is a fantastic defensive tackle. He has blown up several plays in this game.

6:23 – We are now headed to the 4th quarter at 21-13 Auburn. Wisconsin is down by 3 late in the 4th quarter vs BYU at Camp Randall. The B1G is terrible.

6:18 – LSU gets a pick from Greedy Williams – exactly what they need. Now, play action pass and go deep. They did exactly that but Auburn had the coverage.

6:14 – LSU gets on the board with a FG and is now down 21-13. They need to keep this as a one score game into the 4th quarter.

5:53 – Fantastic play action pass call from Gus there. That makes it 21-10 Auburn with Auburn scoring 21 straight points. LSU really needs points on this drive.

5:50 – The LSU defense needs a stand on 3rd and goal from the 4. Delpit is such a good tackler. Gus is going to take a timeout before trying to get in. It would be very important to keep this a one score game for LSU.

5:44 – The LSU defense looks a lot softer now than in the 1st quarter. They need a big play to turn the momentum around.

5:40 – LSU gets two first downs then has to punt. They fake the punt and the punter tries a jump pass. I don’t think anyone saw that one coming.

5:36 – The 2nd half kicks off with LSU receiving.

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5:17 – We go into halftime with Auburn up 14-10. Remember, the O/U is 45.5.

5:08 – Auburn made that one look easy. They have moved the ball successfully the last two drives against the LSU defense. The LSU defense looked very strong early but the are sucking air right now. The LSU coaching staff needs to make certain they go into halftime down 14-10 at worst.

5:04 – Auburn has captured the momentum. A facemask penalty on basically a roughing the passer penalty kept the drive going. LSU needs to stiffen and force a FG attempt.

4:57 – Three and out for the LSU Tigers and they will have to punt. That was a very good series for Auburn.

4:51 – The Tigers of Auburn get on the scoreboard with a 6 yard touchdown run. It was a very impressive drive of runs and passes. It is now 10-7 LSU.

4:49 – Auburn moving the ball on this driver just when they need it. If they can punch it in the end zone here it would go a long way towards making this a close game in the 4th quarter.

4:42 – Cole Tracy knocks it through the uprights making it 10-0 LSU.

4:39 – By the way, the Willie Taggert era (at FSU) is starting out great. They only lost 30-7 at Syracuse

4:38 – Very big 3rd down here for both teams. LSU has it inside the Auburn 20.

4:34 – Back shoulder pass to Jefferson again. Great pass and catch and a 33 yard gain.

4:29 – The LSU defense is very, very good. They are controlling the line of scrimmage. Time for an Auburn punt.

4:23 – That concludes the first quarter. Still LSU up 7-0. A word from our sponsor – Top Orthodontist in Pensacola, Florida Clay Sims.

4:21 – A 52 yard FG attempt here. This one could be blocked. He shoves it to the right and it is no good. Still 7-0 LSU.

4:17 – Burrow is killing Auburn with slants and passes over the middle. Another 3rd down pick up on a slant pattern.

4:16 – Burrow, do not do that to your receiver again. He left his receiver hanging over the middle.

4:14 – It doesn’t look as if either team is going to be able to run the game. That means Under, right?

4:10 – On 3rd and 1 the LSU Tigers stuff Auburn. The go for it on 4th and 1 and get stoned. Auburn actually lost two yards on the play. LSU takes over.

4:08 – A 15 yard pass and a facemask penalty gets Auburn out near midfield.

4:03 – After a chop block penalty LSU cannot converted on 3rd and 18. The punt goes into the end zone.

3:58 – Play action pass on first down and LSU goes deep. Great catch there. Now it is under review. 31 yard gain for Jefferson.

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3:54 – LSU’s defense is dominating this game early. The LSU DB’s are always so good.

3:53 – That is absolutely a fumble. Delpit caused another Auburn turnover. They didn’t overturn it, but it should have been a fumble. No question.

3:48 – Joe Burrow gets LSU inside the 1. The 2nd string RB gets into the end zone in the wildcat. That makes it 7-0 LSU after

3:46 – Plenty of time to throw and another first down. LSU is now inside the 15 yard line.

3:43 – Tigers get the first first down of the game. The Bayou Bengals, that is.

3:41 – Picked off early. This Delpit kid is a stud. LSU has the ball in great territory. Stidham’s first int of the season.

3:41 – Auburn trying to establish the run early. LSU is having none of it.

3:38 – The Tiger Bowl is about to kick off. The Auburn fans are rowdy. The final line was Auburn -10 and the O/U is 45.5.


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