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Kentucky Final Four Chat with Tyler Thompson of Kentucky Sports Radio, John Astle (Fake Barney) and country music star J.D. Shelburne

On Wednesday, April 2 at 7:00 PM eastern, we will review the Kentucky Wildcats’ road to the Final Four and preview their upcoming game with Wisconsin. Tyler Thompson of Kentucky Sports Radio will describe the atmosphere in Indianapolis this past weekend and break down the Cats-Badgers match-up. Fake Barney will offer his unique perspective on the Wildcats’ journey and J.D. Shelburne will discuss his newest song in honor of the basketball team that has went viral this week.

This Google+ Hangout should be a lot of fun!

Kentucky vs. Louisville Chat with Tyler Thompson of Kentucky Sports Radio and John Astle (Fake Barney)

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Over the course of the next several days Dan DeWitt, John Martin and Jesse Wojdylo will be hosting some hangouts discussing March Madness and the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Please check back to this resource to get all the event updates. The first event will be a last minute bracket changes hangout in which we will explain the changes we made due to injuries. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away. The hashtag we will use is #TourneyChat – Use this Tagboard link to get all the updates. You can use it on any social media site such as Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

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