How Much is the SEC Network on TWC, Comcast, Cox and CenturyLink?

UPDATE: If you have the Time Warner Cable (TWC) preferred package of cable the SEC Network is FREE for you. Do not call TWC and try to upgrade to the Sports Pass. They will try to sell you on options that you simply do not need. You get it for free. Do not upgrade!

The SEC Network will launch in the next 45 minutes. Millions of diehard sports fans throughout the southeast are scrambling to see if they have this particular channel on their cable or satellite package. Just today, I contacted TWC (Time Warner Cable) to see how much it would cost to upgrade. Unfortunately, I did not get enough details and I ended up paying too much, in my opinion. When the conversation was over I was told it was going to cost $205 a month for the whole “package”


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Per the usual, the salesman tried to upsell almost everything they had to offer including an Android tablet! He mentioned some type of home surveillance system that would be installed. I almost laughed at him. With the package I chose I will have Showtime, Starz, the Movie Channel, Encore, ESPN, Fox Sports, Pac-12, SEC, Big Ten Networks and everything else under the sun. I also have internet that is 50 download and 5 upload. While this all sounds great, I am not certain I made the correct choice.

John Martin explained that he is getting the same deal for half the price. We will host a Google Plus college football hangout on this topic. Also, if you have DirecTV, Dish or any other type of satellite provider I would love to know how much you had to pay for the SEC Network. On my TV it stated that the Sports Pass was only an extra $8.99 a month. Either I got upsold like crazy or this simply isn’t the case.

I went to the TWC help page and spoke with a live chat representative and they stated that I would get the SEC Network if I had ESPN. Is this true? If this is the case, why did the TWC salesman sell me a package that was basically $50 more just for something that was only supposed to be $8.99. I will continue to keep you updated on my trials and tribulations with Time Warner Cable as it relates to the SEC Network. Is watching Tim Tebow this fall really worth that much?

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