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7:06 – Florida State will take on Georgia Tech for the ACC Title as an undefeated team after beating Florida 24-19 in Tallahassee.

7:02 – Treon Harris had a wide open receiver and missed him. It could have been caught. The Noles will finish the season undefeated with a 24-19 win over the Florida Gators.

7:00 – The Gators are terribly coached. This is difficult to watch. They have gone for a long ball on three straight plays when they could have used underneath patterns to work down the field.

6:58 – Huge flag for pass interference on Florida State. The ball wasn’t even catchable.

6:57 – I am truly shocked Muschamp is going for this on 4th and 8. Now the Gators call time out which is basically ending the game. How have Gators fans lived through Muschamp for so long? He has shown he is a terrible coach.

6:54 – 3rd and long for the Gators. I don’t think Harris can lead them down the field for a TD. Let’s see if he can prove me wrong. Another batted pass. This time it was Mario Edwards and the Gators will have to punt. Wait. They are going for it. This is shocking.

6:49 – With 3:23 to go the Seminoles lead 24-19. The Gators will get the ball with a chance to take the lead.

6:45 – A silly timeout that is wasted by Florida State. One would think that could come back to haunt them but this is the 2014 Florida State team. Hell, they will probably pick up the 3rd and a country mile here.

6:35 – Absolutely no excuses here. The Gators miss a FG. Why in the hell are they so inefficient in opponent’s territory? This is almost disgusting. Four Jameis picks and six FG attempts now.

6:34 – After getting down to the 26, it is now 3rd and 19 for the Gators. They have had so many opportunities to get more points. I would imagine they will try to get a few yards to make the FG easier here. That is exactly what they do. It will be a 42 yard FG attempt.

6:32 – Huge downfield catch. This play is under review but it will be ruled a catch and the Gators will have it on the 26 yard line with a chance to take the lead.

6:27 – FSU fakes a punt but Mario Edwards is tackled short of the first down sticks. The Gators will take over down 19-21 with just over 10 minutes to play in the game.

6:18 – We head into the 4th quarter with the Noles leading the Gators 21-19. Noles have the ball.

6:16 – 52 yard field goal attempt by the Gators here. He has the leg but pushed it to the right. This will give FSU great field position. Wait, a flag, but it is picked up.

6:12 – Huge interception and a great catch. Brian Poole one hands it and almost takes it to the house. Florida has a chance to take the lead hear with the ball in Florida State territory. That is the 4th interception of Jameis Winston.

6:05 – Ole Miss takes the lead over Mississippi State 14-10 in the third quarter. Which one of the top four is going to lose this week?

6:03 – Big 3rd and 23 here. If the Gators get this I will be shocked. A handoff to Jones goes nowhere and the Gators will punt back to the Seminoles.

5:46 – Florida gets kicks a field goal to narrow the margin to 21-19 to start the second half. A Florida State game coming down to the wire? No way!

5:16 – We head into halftime with the Seminoles up 21-16. The Gators will get the ball to start the second half.

5:13 – Touchdown Gators on a pass from Harris to Burton. The score is now 21-16 Seminoles.

5:12 – The Gators get a blocked punt. I don’t even think he tried to kick the ball there. Nope, he didn’t even try to kick it.

5:03 – Florida State scores another touchdown and is now up 21-9. They trailed 9-0 and have scored three straight touchdowns. It might be time to check out the Egg Bowl on CBS Sports.

5:01 – Florida player on the sideline takes a cheap shot at Jameis Winston:

4:55 – An interception by Florida State right before the end of the half. I have a feeling that Florida just doesn’t have enough to keep this game close. I hope I am wrong. We shall see.

4:52 – Florida moves the chains for a much needed first down. The Gators needs to get a few first downs here to rest the defense or it could get out of control quickly.

4:45 – Winston to Nick O’Leary for a Touchdown. This puts the Seminoles on top 14-9. The Gators had four possessions in FSU territory and could only come away with 9 points. That is going to kill them in this game.

4:43 – Jameis fumbles the snap on 2nd and goal and he recovers. Another big 3rd down for FSU.

4:42 – Rashad Greene has shown up. Two catches on this drive. The Seminoles are now inside the 20. On the 10, in fact. First and goal for FSU. The score is 9-7 Florida.

4:38 – Big time drive for Florida State. They have decided to run the ball to settle their offense. They are now moving the ball for the first time in the game; approaching midfield.

4:32 – A huge 4th down here for Florida. The tomahawk chop is in full force in Tallahassee. Let’s see what the FSU defense does here. A bigtime blitz and the Seminole defense holds.

4:23 – On the very next play, Florida State gets a pick 6. A 96 yard interception for a touchdown. What a momentum changer. This game is ridiculous already. Score is now 9-7 Florida.

4:21 – And another pick by game. This one leaves Florida at 1st and goal. Is there any way Florida State can come back from this disaster? Florida is a much better defense than NC State, Louisville, Notre Dame and Boston College. Florida needs a touchdown here.

4:19 – Ole Miss is up 7-0 on Mississippi State. This final four is going to get very interesting after today and next week. One or two of the top 4 will likely lose.

4:17 – Deep penetration for the Gators and another FG attempt. Why do I think this is going to come back to haunt them in the 4th quarter. From 43 yards the field goal is good. 9-0 with 2:15 left in the first quarter.

4:14 – Gators connect on a long pass that sets them up on the 28. A 42 yard throw. Play action on first and 10 is always a good call in my opinion. 4:12 – The Gators almost sack Jamies and he flips it out of bounds to avoid a 10 yard loss. The Gator defense is controlling this game early.

4:10 – The Florida defense is playing very physical right now. Another 3rd and long. Let’s see what Jameis does in this situation. Another sign of bad coaching, Florida offsides on third and long. There is no doubt as to why Muschamp is gone.

4:04 – FSU holds and the Gators are now up 6-0 after two Jamies Winston picks. 4:02 – For those that have not been to a game at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee you should go now. It is an unreal experience; especially when the Seminoles are playing well.

3:59 – The Gators really need to get a touchdown here. Another sign of bad coaching, the playclock runs down twice in the first 10 minutes of the game.

3:54 – A second interception for Jamies Winston in the first six minutes of the game. It was a hell of a catch. Vine coming.

3:48 – Florida lines up with a funky punt/go for it formation. They end up having to call time out. A field goal attempt from 52 yards and it is good. Florida up 3-0 to start this game.

3:45 – The first play I see is a Jameis Winston interception. Of course, this will be a close game. It is the way Florida State has played all year. Let’s see if Florida can convert the turnover to points here.

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