College Football Playoff Mock Selection Committee Week 8

Another weekend of exciting college football games is in the books.

The Notre Dame vs. Florida State match-up did not disappoint; going all the way to the end in a dramatic, but controversial, fashion. Florida State’s victory gives them an edge for securing a position in the College Football Playoff. However, losing at Tallahassee is not the end of the road for Notre Dame. If the Fighting Irish win out, they will have a good chance of securing a spot as well.

Baylor’s loss to West Virginia in Morgantown opened the door for several teams to line up for a chance to make the playoff. Oklahoma, a pre-season favorite to make the playoff and perhaps win it all, doomed their chances with the second loss of the season on a blocked point after attempt by Kansas State.

Time to pick this week’s Top Five. Rank ’em in the comments section!

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    • William Fellars

      Just as a clarification for the selection, I already have 2 teams representing the SEC. I know that the door is wide open and Alabama, Georgia, or Auburn are quality teams that anyone could argue should be in the top 5 sitting with one loss. But I am looking at the big picture and expect that the Pac-12 and B1G are will be represented in the playoff. The Pac-12 could be excluded simply based on parity of competition. Same could be said for the B1G as well. And while the SEC is clearly the best conference in the nation, I find it difficult to anoint 4 of the 5 slots to one conference.

  • Zachary Desai

    #1 Ole Miss (7-0)
    #2 Mississippi State (6-0)
    #3 Auburn (5-1)
    #4 Georgia (6-1)
    #5 TCU (5-1)
    #6 Alabama (6-1)
    #7 Kansas State (5-1)
    #8 Florida State (7-0)
    #9 Notre Dame (6-1)

  • chris stewart

    1. Miss. St.
    2. Ole miss
    3. Alabama
    4. Auburn
    5. Georgia.

    Just because the Seminoles are ranked were they are doesn’t mean they deserve to be. I think any of the top 5 and probably 5 more teams could beat them.

  • Tim Bradley

    1) FSU (7-0)

    2) Ole Miss (7-0)

    3) Miss. State (6-0)

    4) Auburn (5-1)

    5) Alabama (6-1) moving up to take the place of the Egg Bowl loser between the Mississippi schools

    5A’s) Oregon, TCU, and of course a one loss Notre Dame

  • Sunny Cadwallader

    1. Mississippi State
    2. Ole Miss
    3. FSU
    4. Georgia
    5. Auburn

    #4 & 5 spots are tough for me. Georgia’s loss was their season opener to a then-highly-ranked South Carolina team. But, they’ve shown me a continual improvement even without Gurley. I like how they’re playing right now. Auburn only loss was to #1 MSU. Key win for them was the win over rising team, Kansas State.

    5a: Not ready to put Bama in there over Auburn.
    5a: As much as I love the Pac-12, can’t put Oregon at #5 with their home loss it UofA.
    5a: Michigan State. They’re rising, but they did lose to the team above.
    5a: One tough loss does not a Top 5 make, Notre Dame.
    5a: TCU – tough team, but inexplicable loss to Baylor.
    5a: Baylor – Their 11/8 tussle with Oklahoma will tell a lot.
    5a: Aside from their game w/Kansas, Kansas State has a tough road ahead. Make it thru that unscathed and they should be in the CFP.

  • kevin killilea

    5b. TCU, Georgia, Auburn, Oregon, Michigan State, Marshall and watch out for Ohio State…..en fruego.

    Oklahoma may be out regardless of B12 outcome…. Bedlem and Baylor not gonna do it.


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