College Football Playoff Mock Selection Committee Week 7

The Magnolia State is shining brightly as both Ole Miss and Mississippi State took care of business against ranked teams (Texas A&M and Auburn) to remain undefeated. Florida State continues its championship defense without a loss while Baylor made an improbable comeback against TCU to stay unbeaten. Notre Dame held on to win against North Carolina to set up a critical match-up with the Seminoles this Saturday that has College Football Playoff implications.

Who is in your Top Five this week? Reveal you rankings in the comments below.

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  • Zachary Desai

    #1 Mississippi State Bulldogs (6-0): Without a doubt. They’ve been challenged 3 weeks in a row (@LSU, TAMU, & AUB). They are looking like the best team in the nation and deserve this spot.
    #2 Ole Miss Rebels (6-0): The state of Mississippi takes up the top 2 spots…huh? Yep, the Magnolia State is no joke this year concerning college football. A win against Alabama and road domination at Texas A&M are impressive, but they don’t seem as stable as the Bulldogs.
    #3 Baylor (6-0): They just survived through a comeback against the Horned Frogs at home, so despite their power offense, it is a question if they are the best team in the conference and can repeat under Art Briles.
    #4 Auburn (5-1): Best 1-loss team in the nation. Lost at Mississippi State on the road, but beat Kansas State and is still looking powerful with Nick Marshall and the gang.
    #5 Kansas State (4-1): Should have beaten the Tigers, but failed with field goals (seems to be a more common story this season). They are one of the most well-rounded teams in the nation and should be a black horse team.

    No FSU or ND? Both are not looking like Top 5 teams…Florida State is arguably less impressive than Clemson and Notre Dame just survived at home against North Carolina, a team ECU whooped at home.

  • Sunny Cadwallader

    1. Mississippi State
    2. Ole Miss
    3. Baylor
    4. Florida State
    5. Georgia

    Notre Dame beats FSU this week, they’ll vault into the Top 5. Not impressed with them so far, so Georgia gets my vote at #5.

    Heisman Watch: Mariota, Prescott lead the way.

  • William Fellars

    1) Florida State
    2) Mississippi State
    3) Ole Miss
    4) Notre Dame
    5) Baylor

    Florida State still maintains their #1 ranking by virtue of being there first and not being defeated, but they don’t look like a team that can seem to hold it together. They have cracks and are vulnerable and are unlikely to maintain this for the rest of the season. They will have to manage to have some serious discipline on the field to focus on the games and not on all the noise coming out of Tallahassee recently.
    Ok… I am drinking the Mississippi Kool-Aid now. With big wins over top ranked teams, how can you not. Three wins over Top-10 teams in three weeks? That is an amazing feat, especially in a meat-grinder like the SEC West. I know that eventually they will have to play each other and that makes these two even more fun to pull for.
    Notre Dame and Baylor both look like they are in need of a shot of adrenaline and Baylor may have gotten it this weekend against TCU.
    After these 5, the field is wide open with good-looking one-loss teams.

  • Marilyn

    Mississippi State
    Ole Miss

    Hate I can’t list ND here, but the team’s at-home performance against meh North Carolina definitely devalues the Fighting Irish IMO. Will love to see what they do against FSU.

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