College Football Playoff Mock Selection Committee Week 6


Five of the top eight teams in the AP rankings lost, including three of the top 4. Notre Dame and Michigan State survived scares from lower ranked teams.

This week’s Top Five will be very interesting, and likely very temporary. Please submit your picks in the comments section.

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  • William Fellars

    1) Florida State
    2) Auburn
    3) Notre Dame
    4) Baylor
    5) Michigan State

    I’m not biting the ‘Ole Miss or Mississippi State hook yet. They’ve put together some good wins, but in the SEC West they have a lot of chances to be clobbered. If they start shaking up their division some more, I’ll buy in. I’m a little partial to ‘Ole Miss at the moment due to them beating Alabama,

  • Zachary Desai

    #1 Auburn Tigers (5-0): I know LSU isn’t too great and played Auburn on the road, but the Tigers look a lot better than their iffy Kansas State performance. Throughout the season, they have been improving week-after-week and look to be a strong title contender. They have a tough schedule, but luckily there is doubt for an undefeated to emerge this season.
    #2 Mississippi State Bulldogs (5-0): It’s crazy, but they deserve to be here. Beating LSU on the road was obviously a challenge, then defeating Texas A&M was another one that proved they are a SEC West contender. They’re deep overall, so they should put up a fight against Auburn at home this Saturday.
    #3 Notre Dame (5-0): Had a close call against Stanford, but the Cardinal are a good team, and Notre Dame has been going through games this season quite well with Everett Golson and the Irish defense.
    #4 Ole Miss (5-0): They don’t look like too stable of a team, but a win over ‘Bama was a statement (although beating Texas A&M on the road in a hostile environment will be an even greater one), therefore I’ll add them to my Top 5. Despite A&M’s problems, a win in Aggieland after a win against Alabama will be a very tough challenge. If Bo Wallace plays like he did late in the game against the Crimson Tide throughout at least 3 quarters of the game, the Rebels should be able to move on undefeated.
    #5 Baylor (5-0): Texas is still in the rebuilding process, but a win in Austin is still good. Despite struggling in the first half, they got through, and like the rest of their games this season their offense has been outstanding, with their defense looking even stronger than usual. Unfortunately, they force OU on the road, but they do get TCU and Kansas State at home, so they could pull off an amazing second consecutive Big 12 championship if they are really legitimate.

  • Sunny Cadwallader

    Chaos Reigns!!!

    1) Auburn
    2) Mississippi State
    3) Ole Miss
    4) FSU
    5) Baylor

    5a) Georgia

    I wrestled with the undefeated vs best 1-loss team argument. I went with the undefeateds although a case can be made that based on what we’ve seen so far, there are 1-loss teams out there that are better than some of the undefeateds (looking at you, Georgia). My 1-2 play each other this week so changes are in store for next week’s poll.

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