College Football Playoff Mock Selection Committee Week 4

Florida State and Oregon survived and Alabama and Texas A&M rolled. It looks as if a one loss team will definitely be in the playoff with the way things are going right now. I believe Georgia could be one of the best four teams in the country but they may not even make the playoff. How can you not love college football? Please post your top 5 below.

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  • chris stewart

    1. ALABAMA
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Texas A&M
    4. Auburn
    5 Oregon
    Alabama and Oklahoma both looked good. Bama was just more impressive. I know they had 4 or 5 turnovers but they over came it played better in the 2nd half.

  • kevin killilea

    1. Oklahoma 30
    2. Alabama 25
    3. FSU 18
    4. Auburn 17
    5. Oregon 10

    Big change this week, moving weekend!

    Oklahoma and Alabama showed the CBF what they were made of.
    Oregon showed me what I was suspecting, WSU is a bad team, Rutgers beat this team at home for God Sake, living on the edge, crack on the B1G all you want, the Pac 12 is terrible.
    Why would anybody put LSWho in the mix is beyond me but ya’ll did……..enjoy!

    Next up!?!
    1. A&M
    2. EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!

  • William Fellars

    1) Florida State
    2) Alabama
    3) Oklahoma
    4) Oregon
    5) Auburn

    Florida State, Auburn, and Oregon all looked vulnerable this week. FSU isn’t nearly as good as advertised without Winston, Auburn nearly found a way to lose (and probably should have if Kansas State could have found a kicker BEFORE the football game), and Oregon just looked worn out already against a very mediocre Washington State team. Alabama did what Alabama does and Oklahoma went to Morgantown and came away with a solid, if not remarkable win. Texas A&M is looking good, as much as I hate to say it. (At least I don’t have to applaud Manziel…) LSU found a way to lose with a desperation Hail Mary at the end and Arizona found a way to win with the same play. What a wild weekend.
    This week we’ll find out who is in the driver’s seat in the PAC-12 South… Maybe we can give ‘Ol Kevin a reason to eat his words about the “terrible ” PAC-12! #GoDevils #ForkEm

  • Zachary Desai

    1) Oklahoma (4-0): Looking like the best and should go undefeated and win the Big 12.
    2) Texas A&M (4-0): Currently very impressive, with possibly another star quarterback that should lead the Aggies for another chance at the SEC West.
    3) Baylor (3-0): The Bears have one of the top offenses under one of the top quarterbacks who is looking ready to roll.
    4) Oregon (4-0): Their O-line is a bit shaky after some key injuries, but Mariota is looking like THE guy.
    5) Mississippi State (4-0): A win over LSU is not easy, but a win in Death Valley (should be “Deaf Valley” to contrast Clemson’s, but oh well) is even more impressive.

  • Jeff Calvert

    1. Oregon
    3. Texas A&M
    4. Alabama
    5. Auburn

    I wanted to vote the Sooners #1, but still does not have signature win.
    Oregon escaped, but they won so their still at the top spot.
    A&M, Bama and Auburn better show up strong or Ole Miss or Miss. State could take their places.

  • Sunny Cadwallader

    Still not ready to pull the trigger on major changes yet.

    1. Florida State Seminoles
    2. Oregon Ducks
    3. Oklahoma Sooners
    4. Alabama Crimson Tide
    5. Auburn Tigers

    On the outside looking in still: Texas A&M.

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