College Football Playoff Mock Selection Committee Week 3

Well, Georgia went down in Columbia and USC did not enjoy their trip to Chestnut Hill. Florida State had a bye before Clemson and the other top 5 teams looked pretty good. As we get deeper into conference play we will be able to better assess these non conference wins and losses. Until then, please comment with your top 5.

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  • Zachary Desai

    1) Oregon Ducks (3-0): Very impressive offense with a better-than-expected defense that should lead them to win the Pac-12. Mariota is also my favorite to win the Heisman.
    2) Oklahoma Sooners (3-0): Just behind Oregon — it was a tough choice between them, but I went with Oregon. Oklahoma seems like a better overall tea but don’t seem to be as stable (conference play will tell us how good they are).
    3) Texas A&M (3-0): Yeah, pretty high for the Aggies. This is just based on how they have been playing. They creamed South Carolina on the road where Georgia failed to stay undefeated and handled two of their other non-conference opponents quite easily. Defense is looking much better and shouldn’t be a joke like the previous two seasons. How good they really are, however, will be determined solely in conference play (mostly against SEC West teams). Do I project them to the division? Well, unfortunately (yes, Aggies > SEC) not, but I do think they have a decent chance. These polls aren’t predictions though, so I think they are worthy of this spot.
    4) Baylor Bears (3-0): OU, TAMU, & BU all in the top 4? Bias? Eh, you can say that if you want, but by the time the BCS rankings would normally come out a good number of the Top 10 teams will probably be all-SEC. Again, this is just based on how they are playing now. They were great without Petty, and even though Petty’s injury was a scare to the Bears, he came back strong and made the Bears look awesome. In the preseason, I didn’t show much love towards Baylor, but now they definitely have a shot against OU for the Big 12.
    5) LSU (3-0): The Tigers even without Mettenburger look fine and know how to win close games and knock out weaker opponents as they always have. Based on their schedule this season, I actually think LSU might pull off an SEC title with an appearance in the first ever College Football Playoff (my projections can be found at my blog, Their defense is incredible, and even though a lot of players were lost to the draft, their offense is also not to shabby either. SEC teams should not take LSU lightly.

  • kevin killilea

    #1. Florida State 26
    #2. Oregon 24
    #3. Auburn 18
    #4. Oklahoma 17
    #5. Alabama 15

    Verdict getting close for A&M, S Carolina caught their wind (Dylan Thompson is really good or Georgia dbs are really bad), had Oklahoma jumping Auburn till Arkansas laid waste to Texas Tech, about as far as I care to use Transative Math properties.

  • Dean Hall

    Went to bed early last night and been traveling all day so I’m out of the news loop, so here’s my best shot.
    1. Oklahoma
    2. Oregon
    3. Florida St
    4. South Carolina
    5. Texas A&M

  • William Fellars

    1) Florida State
    2) Oregon
    3) Oklahoma
    4) Alabama
    5) Auburn

    I was (pleasantly) surprised by the USC loss this week, UGA lost a heartbreaker for them, and Texas scared the pudding out of UCLA. It didn’t look good for the PAC-12 until UCLA managed to complete the comeback and the SEC is continuing to maul themselves and everybody else. As an aside, the Florida/Kentucky game was a great watch. I think we’ll have a better look at FSU and Auburn after this week as each are playing teams in the top 25 with Clemson and Kansas State respectively.
    The PAC-12 South could be cracked wide open after the last week of play. USC’s loss coupled with the injuries to two of the top QB’s in the conference, UCLA’s Hundley and ASU’s Kelly, suddenly leave the south looking vulnerable. Kelly has been ruled out against UCLA next week and Hundley’s status won’t be announced until gametime.

  • Sunny Cadwallader

    No changes to my Top 5. Glad I didn’t put Georgia into my top 5 after 1 game.

    1. Florida State Seminoles
    2. Oregon Ducks
    3. Oklahoma Sooners
    4. Alabama Crimson Tide
    5. Auburn Tigers

    Not there yet: Texas A&M. A&M could sneak in there next week since they’re only playing SMU – others in Top 5 have a tougher matchup than the Aggies.

    Team to watch: LSU.

  • Tim

    1) Florida State – yet to be tested and talented enough to repeat.

    2) Oklahoma – looks impressive so far and has the defense apparently to compete with any other teams in the playoff.

    3) Oregon – not sold on the Ducks ‘D’ so far but they will score enough to stay in contention for the CFP.

    4) Alabama – will be interesting to see if the Tide can continue to succeed when SEC teams can take away the run and upset the balance the Crimson Tide have exhibited so far.

    5) Auburn – right now unfortunately the CFP is made of only four teams and the Tigers will numerous opportunities to play themselves into the top four.

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