College Football Playoff Mock Selection Committee Week 2

Well, it was quite the week in college football. The ACC went 11-0 and the Big Ten took it on the chin. There are now five SEC teams in the top 10. The top 5 all played rather well, minus tOSU. Oregon looked good, but it was at home in Eugene. USC found a way to win, but are they a top 5 contender? Post your top 5 below.

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  • Zachary Desai

    1) Georgia Bulldogs (1-0) — Had an off-week, but I was very impressed by their performance in Week 1 and can like their team and schedule for an undefeated season and an SEC title.
    2) Oklahoma Sooners (2-0) — Last week I said I was waiting to get more info on them. After an impressive performance from offense and defense against Tulsa on the road, I see them as a dominant team and soon-to-be Big 12 champ.
    3) Oregon Ducks (2-0) — Out of my top 5, they have had the most impressive win. Usually Oregon struggles with more physical teams, but they got it done. However, this was at home, and based on performances throughout the last few years I don’t know if they are quite the best team in college football yet. Speaking of the Ducks, though, Marcus Mariota is playing at his expected level (possibly best QB in the game).
    4) Florida State (2-0) — Alright performances against Oklahoma State at a neutral site and The Citadel at home aren’t impressive enough for me to put them any higher. They are one of the best all-around teams, but their recent performances haven’t been exactly dominant.
    5) Auburn Tigers (2-0) — Struggling early against Arkansas was a surprise, but this week they handled business well, making a better statement to defend their SEC West title.

  • kevin killilea

    No team from my original Top 5 has done anything to lose ground, however, Oregon post the biggest victory of the 2014 season so they move up!

    1. Florida State 26
    2. Oregon 25
    3. Auburn 22
    4. Oklahoma 14
    5. Alabama 13

    Oklahoma is the only team in my top 5 yet to play a Big 5 or conference opponent, hence the 14 out of 100 confidence rating.

    Knockin On The Door……

    1. UGA 60
    2. A&M 17
    3. Baylor 15
    4. USC 5
    5. MSU 3

    The next 10 teams are really exciting to watch, wouldn’t be surprised to see one make it to the final 4!

    UCLA, Louisville, ASU, OK St, Notre Dame, Ole Miss,Florida, Mizzu, Stanford and another ACC team (vtech, Virginia both surprises to me, clemson not dead yet)

    Way to much time to think about this, I need a life!!!

    Goodbye B1G, you broke my heart but there is always next year.

  • William Fellars

    1) Florida State
    2) Oregon
    3) Georgia
    4) Alabama
    5) Auburn

    I’m still waiting on the dust to settle from the initial weeks of the season. This is truly a fluid list until week 4 or so. I had UGA at #1 with an impressive win over Clemson, but a bye week drops them while Oregon’s impressive win over MSU vaults them to #2. Georgia has a chance at redemption with a trip to Columbia this week.
    *Soapbox Alert* I don’t like the creampuff games early in the season that FBS schools schedule. I understand the incentive for the FCS schools to do so, but I don’t like awarding position points for it. I know the Southland Conference (an FCS conference) got beat up pretty bad this weekend by the mighty SEC (A&M, LSU, Arkansas) while Baylor pounded Northwestern St. and Nebraska eked one out against McNeese St. Save for the McNeese St./Nebraska game, all the other games were blow outs and over by halftime. The Citadel, San Jose State, and FAU aren’t much better opponents and I hope with the playoff system that schools start scheduling better opponents to play if they have title hopes. Ok. I’m done with my rant. Sorry.

  • Sunny Cadwallader

    Last week’s Top 5

    1: Florida State
    2: Oklahoma Sooners
    3: Alabama Crimson Tide
    4: Oregon Ducks
    5: Auburn Tigers

    Based on what we know now, which is only 2 games, I’m going with this:

    1. Florida State Seminoles
    2. Oregon Ducks
    3. Oklahoma Sooners
    4. Alabama Crimson Tide
    5. Auburn Tigers

    Not there yet: Georgia

    Oregon showed me something that I wasn’t sure they had which was to take a punch from a tough team and respond. Yes, they were at home, but doing what they did matters – they moved up. The Tennessee-Oklahoma game this week “could” be interesting, but not expecting any of the top teams to lose (FSU, Auburn = bye weeks).

    Think we’ll all have a better grasp of where teams are after first October weekend.

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