College Football Playoff Mock Selection Committee Week 14

Rivalry week has concluded. Florida State and Alabama survived, Oregon dominated and Mississippi State went down. The 4th spot is going to be the question mark for every college football fan. What is your current top 5? Please comment below.

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  • Zachary Desai

    1) Florida State Seminoles (12-0): Only undefeated team not only from a Power Five conference, but from the entire FBS now. Sure, their strength-of-schedule isn’t great and they’ve had a lot of luck, but they manage to find ways to win. If an undefeated record isn’t enough for you, keep in mind they are the defending champions, and last season they were the only undefeated team in the FBS as well. They won the BCS National Championship Game over Auburn, becoming the first non-SEC team to win it since the BCS title game replaced one of the 4 BCS bowls (rather than having a separate title game, which was created after the 2005 season). They also have a lot of players from that team, and the same coach, so don’t rob them from their #1 spot until they lose.
    2) Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1): Their loss is certainly understandable and their strength-of-schedule is pretty good. Their offense and defense have both definitely proved themselves…special teams is a question, but that’s not enough to say that they shouldn’t be the top 1-loss team in the nation.
    3) Oregon Ducks (11-1): The Ducks have improved tremendously since their loss against Arizona. Their offensive line now has the power to defend Marcus Mariota and allow him to operate efficiently, backed up by a pretty good defense as well. Their late season turnaround with a good strength-of-schedule means they should make the Playoff if they win out, especially since beating Arizona would cover-up for their loss to them earlier in the season.
    4) TCU Horned Frogs (10-1): I’m confident about the top 3, but not so much on #4 and #5. I had TCU over Baylor all the way until the past week, as I looked back at Baylor’s win against Oklahoma and put that with their head-to-head advantage to jump the Horned Frogs. Typing this up, however, I have reverted back to TCU. Baylor had a much better game against OU, as they manhandled the Sooners on their home field. TCU sneaked away from them at home earlier in the season. So, shouldn’t Baylor get credit for that? Yes, but keep in mind OU was #4 and undefeated when they headed into Fort Worth, facing a #25 TCU team who had just gotten into the polls. At the time, OU had a lot of confidence in not only winning the Big 12, but possibly going undefeated into the College Football Playoff. TCU wasn’t as developed as they are now (remember, this was their first conference game). Their defense was no where close to where it is now…their game against Texas showed their power, while Baylor’s game against Texas Tech certainly did not show their defense’s strength (both of these games were from this week). On the offense side, Baylor’s offense is 1st in the nation in average points per game, but their non-conference games were easier — and TCU whipped Texas Tech with a school record of 82 points…the Horned Frogs look like a better team than the one who went undefeated and beat Wisconsin in the 2011 Rose Bowl. TCU’s offense is lead by Heisman candidate Trevone Boykin and is 3rd in the nation. Gary Patterson has done a very impressive job at TCU this season and has put together a team that should be undefeated right now, if only they could finish out against Baylor on the road.
    5) Baylor Bears (10-1): Speaking of coaches, Art Briles has done a tremendous job at Baylor, overtaking the state’s school, Texas. If the Bears beat Kansas State, he would have led his program to 1-loss regular seasons in the past 2 years. So, we went over how Baylor had a better game against OU, but what opponents has TCU handled better than the Bears? For one, a good West Virginia team on the road. The Mountaineers are known for their upset against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, and knocked off the undefeated Bears this season. TCU headed out there and won, as Baylor lost by 2 touchdowns. TCU also destroyed Texas Tech, while Baylor just survived them last Saturday. TCU also limited #15 Oklahoma State’s offense to just 9 points…Baylor gave up 28 to them later in the season, when the Cowboys were unranked. Baylor’s game against Kansas State will tell us more, but for now, TCU looks like the better team, especially on defense. Hopefully an upset will happen in the top 3 where both of these two Texan private schools can crack the Playoff.
    6) Ohio State Buckeyes (11-1): They lost to Virginia Tech earlier in the season at home, but J.T. Barrett has improved tremendously since, and sort of resembles Braxton Miller, who became injured before the season began. However, hold up a second. For those of you complaining about FSU’s strength of schedule, look at Ohio State’s schedule. Only 2 ranked teams: Michigan State and Minnesota. Both were on the road, but both should be out of the top 10. They also barely beat Penn State, who normally wouldn’t be bad but are just 6-6 this season. This year, the Big Ten’s East Division is not good, and Ohio State’s only good inter-division match was Minnesota. A win over Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship will help their resume, but now with J.T. Barrett out, Wisconsin’s path to their 3rd Big Ten Championship Game win is probable (side note: this year will only mark the 4th Big Ten Championship Game).

  • Tim Bradley

    1) Florida State – Even though FSU goes through yet another less than inspiring performance against a Fla team looking to make it’s season my knocking them from the ranks of the unbeaten. FSU still gets EVERY Team’s best as the defending champs and they have still weathered the storm. Starting to belief this team will be just good enough, every week.

    2) Alabama – Lone loss doesn’t look bad on paper anymore since it was on the road to a top 15 team, while going ahead to beat other members of the top twenty-five, not all convincingly but surviving.

    3) Oregon – Lone loss is one they get the opportunity to avenge. A playoff set up like this would set up the 2-3 match -up most college football fans would rather see guaranteed most (in my humble opinion). Would be interesting to knock off Ariz because a second set back could jeopardize much more.

    4) TCU – They are still sitting here looking to solidify a spot in the top four. Solid team on defense and on special teams with an explosive offense. Will be tough take with the Baylor loss argument although if you’ve seen them play these kids are deserving.

    5) Ohio State – This team keeps winning, they have a lot more positives to the ledger than negatives. Winning your conference and dominating it the way they have. Like to see Meyer’s team get a chance to show how far the Va Tech loss is behind them.

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