College Football Playoff Mock Selection Committee Week 13

Florida State managed to squeak by Boston College on Saturday, while the rest of the top contenders for a playoff spot were either on Bye or had no trouble with their opponents.

What adjustments, if any, will you make to your Top Five? Leave your selections in the comment section.

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  • Zachary Desai

    !) Florida State Seminoles (11-0): Noles find ways to win…only undefeated Power Five team, plus they are the defending champs.
    2) Alabama Crimson Tide (10-1)
    3) TCU Horned Frogs (9-1)
    4) Mississippi State Bulldogs (10-1)
    5) Oregon Ducks (10-1)

    6) Baylor Bears (9-1)
    7) Ohio State Buckeyes (10-1)

  • Tim

    1) Oregon – Loss to a solid Arizona team at home is almost forgotten. Looking solid offensively. Continuing to win impressively represents a solid body of work.

    2) Florida State – streak of unbeaten is stretching but more and more it appears they are soon to fall and fall in an ugly loss. The outside troubles and issues apparently are manifesting themselves on the field. I can see them making this playoff deservedly or not and also getting eliminated in blowout fashion.

    3) Alabama – imperfect team but solid as is Oregon. Auburn game looms large and any potential SEC Championship game as well. Still a gauntlet left to navigate to achieve the playoff. Ole Miss loss looking worse than it did initially. Can keep dropping this team as their schedule continues to falter in the absence of a dominating win versus a top team.

    4) Ohio State – Again lone loss was long ago and the Buckeyes are now playing well and clicking. Heisman candidate, and a solid one at that along with putting points against all comers save one. This Ohio State would be a significant challenge to any of the other teams that may land here.

    5) Mississippi State – solid win coming off a loss and several victories over ranked opponents keeps the Bulldogs relevant in this discussion. Need to keep winning. Defense on the back end seems suspect.

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