College Football Playoff Mock Selection Committee Week 12

Is the college football playoff picture gaining clarity or getting murkier?

#1 Mississippi State lost to #5 Alabama, while #3 Florida State and #4 TCU struggled to win on the road against Miami and Kansas. In addition, previously surging #6 Arizona State wilted in Corvallis against Oregon State.

Time to re-work your Top Five. Please provide in the comments below.

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  • Zachary Desai

    1) Florida State Seminoles (10-0): Only undefeated team…sure, they aren’t necessarily dominant, but they have proved they know how to win games…they play the entire game and figure out how to win, and you have to award them credit for that. They also haven’t lost since 2012 and have expanded their win streak to 26. Who knows, maybe they’ll find a way to pass the FCS’s longest winning streak (33 by NDSU, who just lost to Northern Iowa). I expect the Noles to easily win out again.
    2) Alabama Crimson Tide (9-1): They are looking strong, and dominated Mississippi State in the first half. Things are coming together for them, and their chances of returning to the SEC Championship Game for a possible rematch between Alabama & Georgia after a quite odd finish in 2012 are increasing. I predict Missouri will lose both at Tennessee and Arkansas (they only need to lose one for Georgia to pass them), and Georgia will get revenge against the Tide and possibly knock them out of the Playoff.
    3) TCU Horned Frogs (9-1): Edging off Kansas hurt them, but if you’re in the Big 12, you know you can’t take a road match against Kansas lightly. The Jayhawks also have been looking better recently after a win against Iowa State, so I allow this game to ruin their incredible season. I expect them to go undefeated and with their best season, make the Playoff.
    4) Mississippi State Bulldogs (9-1): Haven’t really been dominating recently, but their second-half comeback helped their resume, as their only loss being a 5-point one at Alabama isn’t bad at all. However, their road win at LSU and their home win at Auburn aren’t looking too good anymore, leading me to believe the Rebels will beat them in the Egg Bowl, knocking them out of the Playoff.
    5) Oregon Ducks (9-1): The Ducks are the definitely best team in the Pac-12, but how good are they? Their offensive line is coming together, but a developing Oregon State team has the potential to shock the Ducks in the Civil War, a rivalry game the Beavers haven’t won since 2007, back during those times where the ranked Oregon team would lose to the unranked one. Last season, the Ducks sneaked away with a 36-35 win at home, and with Mannion and the Beavers finally coming together for a big home win against Arizona State, they have a chance to challenge Oregon in a shootout if the Ducks aren’t fully prepared.
    6) Baylor Bears (8-1): Their decisive road victory — excuse me, domination — over the Sooners have really helped their resume. Keep in mind a road loss at West Virginia isn’t bad, and the Bears did beat TCU after all (despite it being a 4th quarter home comeback). If they handle Kansas State the same way TCU did, they might make the Playoff if other teams lose.
    7) Ohio State Buckeyes (9-1): The Big Ten is leaving it up to them to make the Playoff. Ohio State will probably verse Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship Game, where the Badgers have won 2 of the 3 (never lost) and where the Buckeyes have lost last season to Michigan State. The Buckeyes have improved since their lost at Virginia Tech, however, and I expect Ohio State to make a huge statement, and with other teams possibly losing, to have a shot at the Playoff.

  • Tim Bradley

    1) Florida State
    2) Oregon
    3) TCU
    4) Alabama
    5) Baylor

    The Noles are still unbeaten regardless of all that swirls around them. FSU is still unbeaten for 26 straight games and I need to stop ignoring that. Beat who is next on the schedule and keep going, so far that is what they are doing. Oregon is the fortunate contender to lose early enough to be able to be the team we figured they’d be in December/January and not the team from September (also helps they didn’t play). TCU seems to possess some of the moxy of the defending Nat’l Champs in that they do not seem to rattle easily and play with confidence and swagger. TCU (giving my two cents on the Baylor debate) has beaten a team on the non-conference slate (Minnesota) from a power five conference. Alabama, they won, exposed a flawed Mississippi State and shut them down for three quarters and then hung on in the fourth. Not the dominating win everyone expected including yours truly so keep the Tide looking up the other CFP participants. Baylor is in the conversation due to supplying TCU with it’s lone loss. Still can’t get over that TCU play call against Baylor in the waning moments. My 5A would be Ohio State. This team is coming on and again I argue for a one loss team having that one loss in September versus now when the wins and losses should carry more weight.

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