College Football Playoff Mock Selection Committee Week 11

Several one-loss teams prior to yesterday’s match-ups were defeated yesterday: Auburn, Kansas State, Michigan State, and Notre Dame. More than likely, the road to a spot in the College Football Playoff has come to an end for these teams.

Which teams are in your Top Five this week? Leave your selections in the comments below.

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  • Sunny Cadwallader

    Is it chaos or is it parity? Either way we’ve been enjoying the ups and downs of this football season so far. Who are the top teams? Well…it’s all subjective now isn’t it?

    1) Mississippi State
    2) TCU
    3) Florida State
    4) Oregon
    5) Ohio State

    Outside looking in: Alabama, Arizona State, Baylor, Nebraska

    Can’t wait for this Saturday!!!

  • Zachary Desai

    1) Mississippi State Bulldogs (9-0): Undefeated and looking better than FSU.
    2) Florida State Seminoles (9-0): Looking better now, but not dominant…nevertheless, they are undefeated.
    3) TCU Horned Frogs (8-1): Possibly the best team in the nation? I think so. TCU is no laughing matter and should make the Playoff if they win out, regardless if Baylor ends up winning out as well, thus winning the conference.
    4) Alabama Crimson Tide (8-1): Managed to get the win over LSU in a thriller, and now expected to possibly finish with a loss.
    5) Oregon Ducks (9-1): Their offensive line is really looking better, putting the home loss to Arizona behind them…they have clinched the North and will be heading to the first Pac-12 Championship Game played at a neutral site…if they finish with a loss and a conference title, they may see the Playoff as well, depending what happens to the rest of the teams (particularly in the SEC).

    Just out of the Top 5?
    6) Baylor (8-1)
    7) Arizona State (8-1)
    8) Ohio State (8-1)
    9) Nebraska (7-1)

  • William Fellars

    1) Florida State
    2) Mississippi State
    3) Alabama
    4) Oregon
    5) Ohio State

    Well, somebody has to fall out again this week… Who is it going to be?

  • Tim

    1) Miss State obviously just hanging on by a slim margin. Not sold on this team as a solid #1, just haven’t look worse than Number 2.

    2) Florida State
    3) Oregon
    4) Alabama
    5)TCU – have a feeling the Horned Frogs will not have a seat at the table regardless.

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