College Football Playoff Mock Selection Committee Week 1

There was quite the shakeup after week 1. Most would agree that Georgia and Texas A&M looked great while Alabama and Florida State were not as superior as predicted. A few other top teams struggled including Ohio State and UCLA. Now that the games have been played, please comment below with your top 5 and make a note of the last team out or that could be #5. Here are Krik Herbstreit’s top 4:

1. Georgia

2. Florida State

3. Oklahoma

4. Texas A&M

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  • kevin killilea

    The waters got muddy, one thing is for certain…….its gonna be a long ride to the end!
    Oklahoma held serve, Oregon did what Oregon does, Auburn woke up, the rest are up in the air.
    Gotta beat the Champ to be the Champ as Ric Flair says, so here we go.

    1. FSU
    2. Auburn
    3. Oregon
    4. Oklahoma
    5. Alabama

    These are the teams that could break through rather easily next week or very soon…….

    Knocking on the Door in order.

    1. UGA
    2. Mich St.
    3. A$M
    4. Stanford
    5. Ohio State

    There is the top ten, watch out for USC, UCLA dropped, Michigan could crack it soon, SCarolina will rebound but not sniffing the top ten soon, same with Dabo’s boy in Clemson.

  • Sunny Cadwallader

    My preseason Top 5 was:

    1: Florida State
    2: Oklahoma Sooners
    3: Alabama Crimson Tide
    4: Oregon Ducks
    5: Ohio State Buckeyes

    Auburn was right there with the Buckeyes but since there’s no 5A slot, I went with the Buckeyes.


    I think Auburn had a better game this weekend so there’s an ever so slight change in my top 5 this week. I’d expect these to change after this week’s set of games. So, without further adieu…

    1: Florida State
    2: Oklahoma Sooners
    3: Alabama Crimson Tide
    4: Oregon Ducks
    5: Auburn Tigers

    Ohio State occupies the 5A spot for this week. With Oregon-Michigan State this week, look for some change in next week’s Top 5 from me.

  • Zachary Desai

    Sorry, got home late and should have tackled this task first.
    1) Georgia Bulldogs (1-0)
    2) Oregon Ducks (1-0)
    3) Florida State Seminoles (1-0)
    4) Auburn Tigers (1-0)
    5) Oklahoma Sooners (1-0)

    Georgia w/ Gurley overpowered Clemson quite easily with an impressive opener. I predicted them going undefeated, but the team surpassed my expectations.
    Marcus Mariota and the Ducks looked strong, but Oregon always does extremely well against weaker opponents, but not so much against stronger ones. We’ll have to wait on that.
    Florida State sure didn’t beat Oklahoma State by what I was expecting, but they were still impressive and should still win the ACC without too much trouble.
    Auburn struggled early against Arkansas but ended strong. I trust Guz Malzahn will improve this team and could possibly lead them to the playoffs.
    To get more info on the Sooners, I’ll have to wait until they play Tennessee. They did just fine in their opener against Louisiana Tech, but that match isn’t enough to allow me to put them in the top 4 yet.

    Now don’t call me bias for not putting the Aggies up there yet…as incredible as that performance was, more games must be played.
    FYI: Aggies are #6. Ahead of ‘Bama? Yes, I watched the WVU game Saturday.

  • chris stewart

    1. Georgia
    2. Texas A&M
    3. Oklahoma
    4. Michigan st.
    5. Fsu.

    The only reason FSU is in there is because of there easy schedule.

  • William Fellars

    1) Georgia
    2) Florida State
    3) Oklahoma
    4) Auburn
    5) Oregon

    With the pummeling that Georgia gave Clemson, they shot up. I didn’t expect them to be as strong and dominant as they seemed to be. FSU pulled away late from OSU but they lacked the definitive statement that UGA and A&M made. Auburn was underwhelming against an Arkansas team that I thought they should have easily been in control of. LSU and Michigan State are nipping on the heels of the top five.

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