Colin Cowherd 2014 Preseason Final Four College Football Picks

Uncle Colin is back at it. Last week he had Bob Stoops on “The Herd” and discussed, at length, the challenges of going undefeated in college football. Interestingly, shortly after his interview with Big Game Bob he gave his preseason Final Four college football picks. They are:

  • Auburn – Championship Game
  • Oklahoma – Championship Game
  • Florida State – National Semifinal
  • PAC12 Champion – National Semifinal

He did not make a prediction on the PAC12 champion but most would assume it will be Oregon or UCLA. Are we really talking about UCLA potentially being in the college football playoff? Oh how the tides have turned in Los Angeles. Oh yeah, Lane Kiffin is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this year. He and Colin are very good friends but Colin does not feel as if Alabama will make it to the college football playoff. What do you think? Who are your preseason final four picks in college football?


Also, does anyone know who the blonde haired female on the right is? Someone on TigerDroppings stated it was Mrs. Kiffin so I am assuming this is Lane’s mother and Monte’s wife? Anyone? Bueller?


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For all those diehard SEC Fans, especially the ones in Knoxville and eastern Tennessee, I had to post this gem. Are you excited about that game that takes place on the third Saturday in September?


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  • Dean Hall

    Auburn’s road achedule is too tough. Do see than there. The SEC will be hurt this year because of strength of schedule. So Bama couke be out also.

  • kevin killilea

    I’m all about Bama restoring a “Seasoned” offensive line. With that being said Bama wins the SEC.

    I get UCLA but……they will have tomany losses in route to the PAC 12 Championship, sorry Pac 12 you may be the odd conference out this season.
    1.A lot of balance.
    2. Not enough national respect as a whole for the champ to make it with 2 or more losses.

    FSU (but not undefeated)

    Surprise….Big 12 Champ Baylor Bears with one lose!
    Nobody in the Big12 can out score them (this is the outsider that gets in, seems to happen more often then not).

    My heart is telling me 1 lose Ohio State gets in the fourth and final possition, B1G gets it done in OOC vs LSU and Oregon to push the conference strength up to pass 2 loss UCLA!

    Be kind……

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