Chargers vs Patriots December 2014 Live Blog

11:35 – To add insult to injury Antonio Gates looks as if he has a shoulder stinger. The Patriots will take a few knees here and they will win 23-14. There is mention of San Diego moving to Los Angeles is how we will end this game and this blog.

11:30 – San Diego will get the ball just prior to the two minute warning. They will need a minor miracle to pull this one out at Qualcomm.

11:26 – The Chargers defense is officially toast. You cannot blame them; they played really well all game but they have been on the field way too much. The Chargers could not run the ball tonight and it ended up killing them. I have always said, Rivers is a great QB with a running game. Without a running game, he is average.

11:17 – The Chargers offense cannot get anything going. Any gain they have is well earned. A huge 3rd down and this could be the game. Rivers runs for about five yards and the Chargers will punt. I don’t think Patriots fans have anything to worry about at this point.

11:16 – Rivers almost gets sacked, flips it to Donald Brown and the Chargers have a 25 yard gain. It should have been a six or seven yard loss.

11:12 – That will likely do it. Julian Edelman takes it 69 yards for a touchdown. The San Diego defense is just too tired. That makes the score 23-14 New England. I have seen these types of games all too many times. The Chargers were up 14-3 and they have done nothing since.

11:03 – The Chargers defense holds and the Patriots will try a field goal to take the lead. This is New England’s first lead since 3-0. They are now up 16-14 with just over 10 minutes to go in the game.

10:54 – The Patriots get their first first down of the second half on the final play of the third quarter. The score is still San Diego 14, New England 13.

10:51 – Neither team can run the ball which is why there have been zero points in the third quarter. This is a big 3rd down for the Chargers. They do not convert and there will be another punt.

10:45 – Rivers throws a pick and that is a big one. At least the field position has flipped. Lots of Patriots fans in San Diego tonight.

10:44 – The Chargers need to get some points here after getting a few fortunate penalties. We might see offensive pass interference here. Yes, we do. On Malcom Floyd. They wrote a book about pass interference, “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

10:39 – Wow, what a play there. The tight end Green gets leveled which pops the ball up and the Patriots get the pick 6. The Patriots get called for targeting/helmet to helmet and the Chargers will get the ball back with the 15 yard penalty. A very questionable call.

10:35 – This Patriots offense is moving the wrong way. This is a huge 3rd and 14 with about seven minutes to play in the 3rd quarter. The Chargers hold and it is the third consecutive three and out for the Patriots.

10:31 – The Chargers go three and out and have to punt right back to the Patriots. I do not like how this one is playing out. The Chargers are playing with fire.

10:27 – The Chargers defense is playing very well. The offense needs to move the ball because they are not going to get a punt longer than 35 yards.

10:21 – The Chargers and Patriots stall on their first drives of the second half. Unfortunately, the Chargers have a place kicker punting the ball. This punt is 33 yards.

10:00 – Huge interception by Manti Te’o with the Patriots inside the 20. That will save the Chargers at least three points.

9:56 – Nick Novak has a 26 yard punt. This is going to kill the Chargers in this game. They are going to struggle to win the field position game.

9:50 – The Chargers get lucky and get a personal foul “tripping” penalty. That will give them a first down just before the two minute warning.

9:46 – Let’s see if the Chargers can get it together on this drive. It would be nice for them to bleed the clock and score to end the half.

9:43 – Gronk catches a touchdown pass and the Pats are now within one. It is 14-13 Chargers.

9:35 – Scifres has the punt blocked and now he is injured. That is not good. He is one of San Diego’s best players. Maybe Philip will be punting now?

9:34 – I have never understood how Gates does not fumble the ball more. He always has it away from his body after he catches it.

9:29 – Another great stop by the Chargers defense. Manti Te’o almost gets a pick there. The Patriots hit a field goal leaving the lead at 14-6 for the Chargers.

9:25 – The Pats already have it inside the 10 again. The Chargers cannot lose momentum here.

9:19 – Geico is bringing back the 80’s with the Salt N Pepa and Ickey Woods Ickey Shuffle commercials

9:16 – This is huge! San Diego picks up a fumble and runs it back for a touchdown. We will have to look at the replay here. The NFL replay team is awesome. Why can’t other sports do this? Honestly? That makes it 14-3 Chargers.

9:11 – Yes, Qualcomm Stadium is very old.

9:07 – What a diving catch by Malcom Floyd. That puts the Chargers up 7-3. Looks like a catch to me. An 80 yard drive and San Diego leads 7-3.

9:02 – Mike McCoy is a great play caller when it comes to crossing patterns. Rivers flips to another tight end. This time to Green for the first down.

9:00 – Rivers flips it to Gates and he gets a first down. Much needed.

8:49 – Well, Blount is running right through the Chargers. The Patriots now have it inside the 5. The Chargers do a great job of holding and the Pats will kick a field goal. The Pats lead 3-0 with 3:15 to go in the first quarter.

8:44 – I am not sure how anyone can like Legarrette Blount. I will never forget when he threw a punch at the Boise State player after the Oregon game. I guess there is a reason Blount didn’t mention anything about Oregon. I am quite certain he never got a degree.

8:41 – The Pats convert a 3rd and long as Brady has an hour to sit around and dust the ball off before throwing it to Edelman.

8:36 – 3rd and 4 blitz by the Patriots and the Chargers have no chance. The Chargers will punt the ball deep into New England territory. Philip is not happy with the center #65.

8:33 – Philip with the flip pass dump off for a first down. I have watched this for 14 years.

8:31 – Philip is a devout Catholic hence the sign of the cross. I have never been a huge fan of the baby blue Chargers jerseys. The navy blue always looked better to me.

8:29 – Wow, Philip Rivers is in his 9th season as a starting QB. That makes me feel quite old. I remember our days at NC State.

8:23 – Qualcomm Stadium has been the home of the Chargers since 1967 and I can tell you it shows its age when you go to the game. It is 67 degrees and beautiful in San Diego. Shocking.

8:22 – Carrie Underwood sure knows how to do her thing for the Sunday Night Football song. “Brady and Rivers are about to throw down.”

8:21 – Remember that this is a 5:25 game in San Diego. I know they struggle with Monday night games because of the time difference. When I went to a playoff game back in 2009 I clearly remember a major San Diego car accident that caused us to be late for the kickoff. The traffic in and around Qualcomm Stadium can be very bad.

8:20 – This game means something so will the Chargers fall flat on their face per the usual?

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