Alabama vs Auburn 2014 Live Blog

10:30 – I am going to finish this up here and enjoy my night. I hope you all have fun watching the Iron Bowl. The score is currently 33-27 Auburn and the Tigers are driving.

10:26 – A simultaneous catch goes to the offensive player. I have no idea how the Auburn player caught that ball.

10:19 – Play action pass for a touchdown by Alabama. The Alabama wide receiver was wide open down the middle of the field. The score has tightened to 33-27 with Auburn in the lead. Alabama misses the extra point. The touchdown was caught by Amari Cooper.

10:18 – Alabama stalls at midfield. It is now 4th and 2. It looks like Saban is going for it here. Let’s see if they just run a hard count. Nope. Alabama goes for it. It is extremely close. First down Alabama.

10:15 – Alabama needs to respond here. They are driving and already to midfield. A very important drive for the Crimson Tide.

10:09 – Touchdown pass by Auburn. That puts up Auburn 33-21. Alabama has not run the ball the entire game so now they are playing right into Auburn’s hands. Alabama would be smart to slow it down and run right down Auburn’s throat.

10:06 – Auburn is now driving and almost inside the Alabama 20. A touchdown here would make Alabama fans very nervous. Can Auburn really beat Alabama again?

10:04 – Another pick by Auburn. The CB jumps in front of a short slant pattern. This is amazing. Lane Kiffin is not happy right now.

10:01 – Holy cow! What a second quarter. Auburn now leads 26-21. There were interceptions, long passes and craziness in the second half. Who knows what is going to happen in the second half. I am going to watch the Paul Finebaum broadcast because it is hilarious. Phyllis and Tammy have already called in.

8:41 – At the end of the first quarter, the Crimson Tide lead 14-6 but Auburn is driving and is near midfield. I am going to take the second quarter and halftime off but if it is close I will be back for the 3rd quarter. Enjoy the Iron Bowl folks!

8:38 – Auburn gets a well needed third down stop. The Alabama kicker boots it all the way through the end zone. The Tigers will start their drive at the 20 yard line. The punt was 70 yards but only a net of 50. Only.

8:33 – Auburn receivers have a ball hit their hands on all three to go downs. They decide to kick a field goal here. The score is now 14-6 after a successful Auburn field goal. 2:57 left in the first quarter.

8:25 – Auburn is easily moving the ball on the Alabama defense. This might be a shootout. Auburn already down to the 10 yard line and threatening again. Auburn has a 4th and 1 and the Bama defense was confused. Instead of snapping it, Auburn calls a time out.

8:22 – Nick Saban is the best coach in college football. He is pissed after a touchdown because they didn’t run the ball enough. You have to love it.

8:19 – Amari Cooper hauls in a 17 yard touchdown pass from Blake Sims. They are now up 14-3 and have been dominating on the offensive side of the ball. Auburn needs to answer here and come up with a better defensive gameplan.

8:16 – The Crimson Tide already past midfield after an Amari Cooper catch and a personal foul, late hit out of bounds.

8:10 – Alabama stands strong in the goal to go situation. Auburn will attempt a field goal here. I am wondering, what happens if Alabama loses this game? The final four is going to be all kinds of messed up for the SEC. Auburn gets on the board. The Crimson Tide are up 7-3 with 8:08 to go in the first quarter.

8:06 – Auburn has moved the ball all the way down to the 10. The easily convert a 3rd and 1 setting up a first and goal for the Tigers. They are going fast to avoid Saban from substituting.

8:02 – Auburn shows the first sign of life with an 11 yard run leading to a first down.

7:57 – Alabama runs it right down their throat. Auburn did very little to stop the Crimson Tide on that drive. 7-0 Alabama early.

7:54 – Lateral or no lateral? Looks to be a backwards pass to me. That would be a huge early turnover for Auburn. A well coached Alabama team jumps on it quickly.

7:53 – It might have been an onside attempt on the opening kickoff but it goes out of bounds. Not even sure what that was there. Only in the Iron Bowl.

7:47 – You are looking live at Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

7:45 – We don’t have Verne and Gary this year; we have Brent and Jesse. Here we go from Bryant Denny Stadium.

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