2017 High School and College Football Schedules Are Out

It is hard to believe that football season is just around the corner. High school teams are already practicing without coaches and college teams are working hard in the weight room. Before you know it, ESPN will be airing commercials for College Gameday and we will be watching football on Friday nights at the local high school.

It is already he case that 2017 football schedules have been released. College football schedules have been known for quite some time and almost all high schools have published their schedules on their website. Now, we just have to wait for the action to start.

One of the best websites for NFL and college football schedules is fbschedules.com. If you are looking for high school football schedules, check out hsfootballschedules.com. Instead of having to fight through the ads and videos on ESPN an Bleacher Report, these website will give you the website in which you can print it off or jus screenshot it to save on your phone.

Something you may want to consider is to screenshot it and make it the wallpaper of your iPhone or Android. This will allow you to make certain you always have the dates and times in which your favorite team will play this week. Even if you think you have memorized the schedule, there are always one or two games you will likely forget.

Which games are you looking forward to most this year? Your high schools rivalry game? One of the big SEC football games on Saturday afternoon? The kickoff of the NFL season?


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