2014 SEC Championship Game Live Blog

5:34 – Alabama is dominating now. The Crimson Tide are now up 21-3 with 2 minutes to go in the first half. I don’t see any way that Missouri can get back in this game. Time to go watch some golf and get dinner. Enjoy the second half Alabama fans.

5:30 – Alabama is just more physical and better than Missouri. This game could get out of hand as the Crimson Tide is driving now.

5:24 – Lots of miscommunication from the Alabama offense in this game as the CBS microphones catch a fan yelling, “Spank dat ass.”

5:23 – The only two WR to win the Heisman – Tim Brown and….Peter Warrick? I don’t think Warrick won it.

5:18 – Maty Mauk leaves the pocket way too early and it will cause Missouri to kick a field goal here. The FG is good which makes the score Alabama 14-3.

5:13 – A huge 3rd and 4 here. Missouri must get this one. An ENORMOUS catch by #88 for Missouri. What a catch along the sidelines.

5:10 – “We were born at night, but we weren’t born last night.” I use that phrase five times a week.

5:08 – #56 Ray that was thrown out for Missouri was caught on CBS national TV saying, “That’s bullshit, man.” I will never understand how so many football players lack class.

5:05 – Long play action pass touchdown by Alabama. Sims to White for about 70 yards. That makes it 14-0 and the Tide are rolling. The Missouri player that went after Blake Sims will likely be kicked out for roughing the passer. That might be the nail in the coffin right there.

5:00 – Another three and out for Missouri. Their defense is going to get very tired very fast. There is no way the defense can stay on the field this long and the Tigers stay in the game. This is the third three and out.

4:56 – Alabama misses a 47 yard field goal. It was a hook. All golfers have seen that type of ball flight. Missouri needs to move the ball here.

4:49 – At the end of the 1st quarter it is Alabama up 7-0. They have the ball and are driving.

4:43 – Missouri gets their first first down on a screen pass. Now let’s see if they can get anything going on this drive.

4:40 – Blake Sims fumbles on two plays on that drive. Lots of miscommunication with the Alabama offense right now. Missouri will take over at the 11 yard line. They need a first down here.

4:35 – Missouri will be short of the first down on a third down run. I blame the wide receiver for not getting it on 2nd down. You see it way too much. No one will even mention the second down play. Alabama will take over at the 30 yard line after a 50 yard punt.

4:30 – Great defensive stand by Missouri on that drive. The first down illegal motion penalty helped a lot, but the Missouri defensive line played great on those three downs.

4:23 – The Crimson Tide force a three and out. They will get great field position unless the Missouri punter boots this one. Missouri needs a stop on this drive if they want to stay in this game.

4:21 – So Alabama is already up 7-0. Blake Sims, Amari Cooper and TJ Yeldon highlight the touchdown drive. Shocking. Let’s at least keep this one close Missouri. I will be tuning in to some of the other games as well so I will update those scores on here.

4:20 – Getting on here a little bit late. What did I miss?

4:00 – It will be Alabama vs Missouri with all the pressure on Alabama. It will be fun to listen to Verne and Gary call this one. Hopefully it is better than the Pac 12 Championship game.

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