2014 Pac 12 Championship Live Blog

10:47 – The Ducks score on a Mariota TD run. That puts them up 20-0. I am going to get some stuff done and complete this blog. If it gets close I will be back.

10:46 – Oregon is threatening to score again here. The Ducks are dominating this game as far as total yards. If they score a TD here it may be over.

10:36 – The Ducks continue to struggle on offense. They have to punt to the Wildcats.

10:33 – Arizona cannot get anything going on offense. They are punting again.

10:27 – Touchdown Oregon Ducks. They finally get in the end zone at 7:27 in the first half. Oregon is now up 13-0.

10:24 – All those that took the first half over are loving this battle of field position.

10:22 – A defensive/field position battle has broken out in Santa Clara. The Wildcats go three and out. Ducks get it inside the 40 of the Wildcats.

10:18 – A false start on the 1. The Ducks will kick a field goal here. They missed a 27 yarder after two false starts. The score is still 6-0 Ducks. Unreal. Mark that one down with 10:10 to go in the second quarter.

10:14 – The Oregon Ducks have it 4th and goal at the one yard line. They have had trouble getting into the end zone in this game.

10:09 – The Game of War Kate Upton commercial is hilarious. I wonder how effective that is on gaming nerds. They may be sprinting to Gamestop or Best Buy right now.

10:07 – The Ducks hold Arizona again. Another three and out. I hope you didn’t have the first half over in this one.

10:04 – The Wildcats hold and will take over around their 18.

9:59 – This has really been a sloppy game throughout the first quarter. The Ducks lead 6-0 at the end of one.

9:54 – With two minutes to go in the first quarter the score is still Oregon – 6, Arizona – 0. Oregon forces a three and out for Arizona.

9:51 – Oregon goes for it on 4th down and does not get it. Arizona stops them again.

9:50 – The Ducks run another stretch play run on 3rd down. Once again, they did not get it. They may go for it on 4th down here.

9:43 – A 3rd and 17 here for Arizona. Oregon in the prevent and they stop. There is a quick kick by the QB and it rolls into the end zone. Oregon gets the ball at the 20 up 6-0.

9:41 – The Wildcats are already past the 50 yard line. They are moving the ball easily on the Ducks. Let’s see if this leads to points.

9:36 – Another stop by Arizona. The Wildcats have stopped them twice here as Oregon is now up 6-0 with two field goals.

9:35 – The Ducks now have 1st and goal from the 10. Mariota has taken some big hits in the first six minutes of this game. The Wildcats offense still hasn’t touched the ball.

9:33 – Mariota scrambles around and finds an open receiver to convert a long 3rd down. The Ducks are just outside the 20 now.

9:31 – A 37 yard touchdown run is called back for holding on the center. An obvious call.

9:30 – The Arizona Wildcats fumble the kickoff and the Ducks jump on it around the 35 yard line. A very short field here.

9:26 – Very interesting 3rd down there. Oregon almost had the play clock run out and decided on a draw on 3rd and 7. I have a feeling there was some miscommunication there. The Ducks take an early lead 3-0 with 11:30 to go in the 1st quarter.

9:24 – The Ducks are already past midfield. The Wildcats have done very little to stop Oregon on this first drive. Almost inside the 20 now.

9:21 – The Ducks are wearing white pants, lime green jerseys and white helmets. The helmets have silver duck wings. Oregon already going fast to start the game. Lots of plays in this one.

9:18 – Oregon is going to take the ball after winning the coin toss. A slight mist so let’s see if that affects ball control.

9:14 – Why is Jordin Sparks ALWAYS doing the National Anthem at sporting events? I am not saying she doesn’t do a great job, she is just always doing it.

9:04 – Shit. No Gus Johnson as it is Tim Brando and Joel Klatt. I am now sad.

9:02 – Here we go with Oregon vs Arizona. Petros and Wannstedt think Oregon takes this one. I am just excited to listen to Gus. It should be glorious.

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